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 I made a personal decision to stay healthy, so I would not be in pain as I age.  I have found that reading and following up with action to suit brought me great ease in my weight gain as I aged. My pictures were taken at age 59, and in a week I will cross the 60 mark.

I found out from experience,  and from reading health Books, the way way to go. At age 23 I found Back to Eden and stopped seeing the Doctor. At 28 I Began a lifestyle of Juicing and no meat. I learned that Bowel Movements were very important and a key to wellness.  It still is. 

 As the years rolled along I re-introduced meat slowly, and I never ate out much.  I found that as I left Trinidad at age 32 and began to eat NY style, i encountered "Gout " , in my foot.  Due to eating "Jamaican beef patties, day and night. Working in the salon and looking directly across the street, when I got a brek it was chinese or patties, loll..  I paid for it and returned home for 6 months and cured my gout, it never returned.  My sons know me for my remedies and constantly called for their friends troubles and theirs as the years rolled by.

Eating for Health is easy in T&T, watch the salt and callaloo, stew chicken and macaroni pie.  Eat more salads for your bowel to move more frequently.  Once a week is heading to death fast.  All your dis-eases begin in your digestive system.  Many of us suffer from Celiac Disease and never heard the words  ** a form of mal-absorbption**, your body is getting nothing from the de-natured food that you eat.

When you feel good, you can focus on God and the Nature around you and enjoy sharing what you can with others.  Whether it be time or things.  You have to feel good to be good natured... More later.... Stay Blessed.

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Valarie your words are sage advice. More people needs to be exposed to your story.

Your story can save lives and help others to be fit health and happy.

I am pleasantly amazed that your picture is that of a 60 year old queen!

Boy, you look so youthful and so full of vigour!

When one looks into your eyes one cannot miss the peace-of-mind that you possess.

When the KREW compiles its Wellness Encycopedia, I am sure that the Mobilization Krew that is given that task will use your picture to convey the meaning of the expression "peace of mind"

That said, at this time I am concerned that you might have to be careful that someone may ask you to prove your age  and demand your birth certificate, as is currently happining with President Obama! :)

Anyway, don't worry!

I will be the first KREW member to vigourously defend you.

Appart from your story about how you keep yourself fit and healthy, I will tell them that you are Trini tuh de bone! I will also tell then that you are from Point Fortin. That is enough to put the question to rest.

Nobody could ague with that! :)

Anyway putting all jokes aside, the first time I looked at your photo I was 'farce' enough to make a personal estimate of your age. I came up with something in the mid latter forties. Boy, how wrong could I be!

Yuh see wat does happen wen yuh too daarrrm farce!

Your story is proof that one should never judge the book by its cover!

In your book I love your cover and I love your story even more. This is one time that I am glad to be wrong!

You inspire me to try to recreate your story in my own life; although I might be somewhat too late at the starting gate!

However, even though I might not be as good looking as you, right now, and particularly when I reach age sixty, I hope to make up for my shortcoming by living a life that earns me to right to live forever young!

I must admit that before I closed this post, I was forced to take another look at your wonderful visage. Boy, it is very uncomfortable for me to affix that large number, age 60, to what I see!

Is it that you have somehow achieve the feat of being forever young?

If so, tell everyone your story; what ever is the answer your story deserved to be told. Youthful living and the vigour of youth at any age is what we all seek. I am referring to graceful aging. The enjoyment of youthfullness until the maker calls in our chips.

For the grace of God, use this facility, the 5 Krew Platform, to proclaim your story to the world.

Lives depend on it!

I am confident that God has brought you here for a purpose.

Your life can save lives!


KREW Love!

Thanks so much, I do thank God for His Wisdom, and I always love to show my Drivers Liscense.  I am thankful that you see the peace of mind that I feel.  I love to share that story and I do, often. That smile is from the INSIDE.  Praise God. 

It is never too late to change.  Within 3 months you can do wonders with your body.  Every 90 days you have a chance to renew.  You have to dedicate your Life to yourself, being pain free and disease free.  When you see an unhealthy Colon, you will get sick at the sight.  Our bodies were created to heal themselves and along came Cooking and fancy foods.  Many of the foods that we eat do not digest properly in our system in the manner that we mix them together. 

We eat food bombs daily and we are not hearing any explosion, but we sure feel them.  You would love to go to the bathroom and not almost gas yourself with the smell.  Some people could close down an establishment if they used the bathroom.  All food that you do not absorb should be coming out of your body in 24- 48 hours.
  You can make sure this happens by eating enough fruits with good fibre.  Guava is excellent right off the tree. So are many of the fruits we no longer take time to plant in our backyards.

  Get a good juicer and you also need a book on juicing, steaming your provision is excellent ans use fresh herbs to add to your food.  Lots of beans are good and we in Trinidad use one every day as I remember.  We have to be thankful for the fresh air and the sunshine we have , because they would pay anything for it in the US.

  We need nourishment from whatever we eat, and that is a choice you decide on.  It has to become a LOVE affair with you and your internal organs. They speak to you.


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