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About The KREW Community

The KREW helps you to manage your relationship with Things and People.

You can leverage those relationships to enjoy abundant Success, Wealth, Health and Happiness; prosperity!



The KREW Is A Movement

The KREW is A Movement That Helps You To Enjoy A Better Way To Live!

The KREW is a Community of good people like you, dedicated to helping each other enjoy "A Better Way To Live"!

A Wellness Lifestyle is the better way to live, particularly when you adopt the KREW's Philosophies Of Life.

Members of the KREW want to make this world "A Better Place to Live". In pursuit of this objective they are inspired by the KREW's Philosophies of Life.

The KREW is a branded community administered by Mediserv International Ltd, Salubrity Ltd and Capital Ventures Ltd.

As a practising member of the KREW, your life will be transformed. You will enjoy abundant Success, Wealth, Health and Happiness. You will Prosper!


What the KREW is NOT About

The KREW is NOT about making you Successful, Wealthy, Healthy or Happy; that's your job! However with respect to any opportunity, (including  but not limited to any influence, office, job, income opportunity, or any business opportunity), the Plan Administrator reserves the right to give preference to any KREW member who has a history of actively supporting the Movement and expecially one who has demonstrated or is impassioned to bring to life, the KREW's Philosophies Of Life.

The KREW is NOT about religion or about national politics. However the Movement will engage any entity for the benefit of its members.

The KREW is NOT a charitable organization.

The KREW is NOT about employment. Members' participation in the KREW is considered the benefit being delivered by the KREW and being enjoyed. Members enjoy their benefits by participating voluntarily in terms of sharing of their time, talent and treasure. Members will NOT be paid in any way for their participation in the KREW.


A Community Approach

Here, you adopt a community approach to living your Wellness Lifestyle. In this way, Wellness becomes practised as a habit, it becomes natural for you to do, in fact it becomes so natural that it becomes your culture! Culture guarantees your longterm results!

As an international Movement, it is comprised of groups of benevolent individuals that seek to make this world into "A Better Place to Live". As a member of the KREW you will enjoy "A Better Way To Live!"

You will be Fit, Healthy & Happy! You will enjoy Success, Wealth, Health and Happiness. You will Prosper!

All you need to do is to live a Wellness Lifestyle that is based on the Philosophies Of Life  that are practised among successful members of the KREW.

As you will appreciate by now, the pet name for the 5 O'Clock KREW is the "KREW", (using all caps). The use of the lower case "Krew" is reserved to describe that exclusive group of your personal buddies that you form within your community or at work and with whom you nurture supportive relationships, even lifetime friendships, to give each other close support as you live your Wellness Lifestyles.

A Wellness Lifestyle is really about how to live your life in order to consistently enjoy favourable experiences. It's that simple!

Being a Movement of benevolent people, the KREW is a community of members, like you, who are devoted to helping each other to live Wellness Lifestyles.


How You Benefit

Therefore the KREW helps you to enjoy Success, Wealth, Health & Happiness. You are fit, healthy and Happy! Who can ask for more!

You will enjoy your flavour of favourable experiences which is sometimes rightly described as "prosperity" or "peace of mind". You and your fellow KREW members consider this approach to life as "A Better Way To Live".

Each KREW member wants favourable experiences in their lives.

As a member of the KREW you participate in this online forum (the 5 KREW Platform) because you want to build warm relationships with your fellow KREW members.

This means that you will engage in discussions about your likes and dislikes and your experiences. You will want to meet your Krew online and offline regularly.

You will arrange and participate in events that manifests the concepts and Philosophies Of Life of the KREW, so that you will consistently enjoy favourable experiences.


Your Experience

As a forum the 5 KREW Platform is not a place to come and merely read information; you can do a better job of that using Google Search! Here is a place for you to contribute content which include photos, movies, and statements about yourself and includes your opinions about topics of interest to the Movement and this Community.

We do not expect that you will stay on topic all the time. Sometimes it becomes necessary to digress in order to get your point across or merely to help others to know more about you or your circumstance; go right ahead!

Express yourself!

I look forward to your contributions both online and offline at a Wellness Event near you.


A Gift For You

Be inspired with this treasure from The Beetles.

Artiste: The Beetles

Title: "Let It Be"



Samuel Bernard

Plan Administrator

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Comment by Irene Bernard on January 10, 2012 at 13:54

My family and my self have experience the Five O'Clock KREW one day vacations, we had wonderful times. Great  idea that we have seen blossom right before our eyes.

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