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Understanding Your World: Prosperity



Understanding the Mechanics of Prosperity



We live our whole lives jostling among many forces known and unknown, struggling to get by. Sometimes we achieve success and often we don’t. Additionally too many times our successes are only fleeting, like the joyful experience of winning the lottery; in our dream! When we wake up the joy is gone!

Whether we enjoy success, or whether we don’t, we never really get a handle on what are the factors that contribute towards those results. With this painful lack of information, and worst, not knowing how to implement the solution if it is found, what you find is that most of the time you eke out a meager existence, usually wallowing in despair and always one step away from calamity.

You know that you can do better. But you do not have any understanding of the mechanics of prosperity. So you endure the travails of mortal life, existing in anguish and anxiety, tolerantly awaiting the solace of death and its macabre promise of a more glorious afterlife.

But why shouldn't you be deserving of both your mortal existence and also become eligible to claim your heavenly reward, if a heavenly bounty is of your desire? How do you attain lasting success in your earthly life? What exactly are the mechanics of prosperity?

This analysis, and the practise of your Wellness Lifestyle in the KREW, is intended to help you to learn how to prosper during your earthly life. It is not concerned with what obtains after death. We leave that issue for those who have a better understanding of that matter. However, though we make no claim on the subject, we concede that it may be possible that this analysis may also help you to better appreciate the instructions given by those who understand the mechanics of the after-death experience.


Characteristics of the Forces of the Universe

The Universe is comprised of many forces, each of which observes its own rules of engagement within itself, and among its cohorts, and how it interacts with any other force. Our Will is but only one of these forces.

These forces constantly jostle among themselves, whether within cohorts or disparate groups, in the manner akin to people trudging their way within a deep, thick, unruly crowd. The activity of each of these forces perpetuates even if mankind did not exist to interact with them.

In such an environment, there are two rules that override the influence of any other rule:

1) Might is right!

2) Cooperate, and you would earn the right to acquire might! (In other words: Be a benefactor! Help others to get what they want!)

The above rules can be combined to create a profound statement that is very instructive:

a) Never underestimate the potential of any force, weak or strong, because a miniscule change or a relatively weak force, when acting appropriately, can pack an enormous punch upon the outcome!

Therefore it is important to understand that what might be considered a weak and inconsequent force or action, may interact with other forces and actions to create spectacular results which when become manifest demonstrates that the seemingly weak or inconsequential force or action is really quite formidable indeed.


Understanding your Will as one of the many Forces of the Universe

What you experience and recognize as being your life, your very existence, is really the net result of the impact of all the forces of the Universe. One of these forces is your Will. It is for this reason that in the KREW it is said that your life is really your relationship with Things & People.

Your Will is that ability to interact with the forces of the Universe. What you call your consciousness is really your awareness of your Will.

Your ability to detect any of the forces, and to understand its rules of engagement, is called your Intellect. You use your Intellect to determine how to interact with these forces of the Universe.

Your Will directs your Intellect as it (your Will) interacts with the forces of the Universe. The quality of your Intellect, depends substantially but not exclusively, upon how astutely you exercise your Will. In turn, when your Will sharpens your Intellect, your Intellect fortifies your Will.

Therefore, your Will and your Intellect can nourish or starve each other.

You hold the key that stimulates the vibrancy with which each may function; and of which they both interact, one onto the other. Therefore if you strive to increase the fidelity of one item, you also improve the fidelity of the other.

If you do nothing, your negligence would expose you to the risk of your Will and your Intellect silently and illicitly conspiring towards their destruction by atrophy, eventually leading to your early demise.

Therefore diligently exercise your Will. Aggressively develop your Intellect. Sitting on the fence is not an option. Being a passive spectator merely commentating upon the travails of your life, only leads to your downfall.

Act or thou shalt be acted upon!

The process of detecting and understanding these forces is called discovery and learning respectively; and generically referred to as research.

You can understand the characteristics of the forces by prying into their behaviour to discover their mutual relationships. This process helps you to maximize the efficacy of your Intellect. It also enhances the potency of your Will.

With a sharp Intellect and with formidable Will power, you are in the best position to decide upon the nature of the relationships that you should pursue with the other forces of the Universe. These relationships should be tailored to help you to interact more effectively with the forces of the Universe to derive your desired outcomes.

This means that you have control over your destiny!

Therefore to interact with the Universe you use your Intellect to discover and understand the rules of engagement of the various forces of the Universe; including how they interact with one another and among themselves, and also upon your Will. In this context your cohorts are your fellow man, and particularly your fellow KREW member. This means that you have the power to enjoy A Better Way To Live and you can make this world A Better Place To Live.

The KREW is a movement that helps you to enjoy A Better Way To Live. If it is your Will, you can cooperate with your fellow KREW members within The Movement and make this world A Better Place To Live.

The KREW utilizes the understanding gained in this analysis as the basis for the development of its Philosophies of Life. Being an active member of the KREW, you would diligently use those philosophies to enjoy Success Wealth Health and Happiness. When you do, you would prosper!


Our Influence upon the Forces of the Universe

We have absolutely no power to create, change or terminate any of the rules that govern any of these forces; including our Will. We use the intelligence gathered from our research to inform our Will.

We use our Will to ally with those forces that lend themselves towards our desired direction. We piggy-back upon one or more of these forces, hitch-hiking a ride that maps our journey along, as they interact naturally, and coordinate their actions, taking turns among themselves, at times choreographed in parallel and sometimes in series, to create quaint systems.

With abundant faith, we hope these systems would take us to our desired destination. We interpret this phenomenon as our desired outcome; our result.

In shameless arrogance and conceit among our peers, too often we brashly make claim to these quaint systems and their outcomes as being our "invention".


How we evaluate and label the Forces of the Universe

Any force, or system of forces, that impacts favourably upon our Will, we assign the label ‘good’. Conversely, any force, or system of forces that impacts unfavourably upon our Will, we assign the label ‘bad’ or 'evil'.

Whenever those forces impact favourably upon our Will and in a manner that is beyond our comprehension, we assign the label ‘miracle’. Whenever we are unable to evaluate the impact in terms of good or bad, we assign the label ‘mystery’.

The label that we assign to any given force at any given time, depends upon how it impacts upon our Will. This means that no force might be innately good, bad or indifferent! However, over time, the cumulative impacts of those forces create the plethora of experiences that we understand to be our life.


Discerning the common desires of the Forces of the Universe

The question arises: “What is the common desire of all of these forces, including our Will?” A hint to the answer is given when we observe the desire of our own Will. With respect to our Will, there is only one desire; that desire manifests as “favourable experiences!”

In the context of the other forces that exist, we have learned that to benefit from their existence we should harmonize our Will with their desires; their rules. This means that we should direct our Will in a manner that facilitates conditions that are favourable for their existence. In other words we would benefit if we deliver favourable experiences to these forces.

Therefore since we have identified the one and only desire of our Will is to enjoy favourable experience, then if there is a common desire among all the forces in the Universe, that common desire must be to have favourable experiences.

From this analysis there is one thing that we know for certain; the most important desire of people is to enjoy favourable experiences.

From the above we can conclude without fear of contradiction that the one thing that is desired most by all the forces in the Universe (i.e. Things and People) is favourable experiences.


Lesson to be learned about your relationship with the Forces of the Universe

It is instructive to observe, that in the context of what is the common desire among the forces, there is absolutely no distinction between Things and People.

Your furniture's need to be protected from termites, fungus or floods, is the same as your need to be protected from disease-causing vermin or floods.

If you provide favourable experiences, you would derive the benefits of comfortable accommodation and the social value from the aesthetics of your furniture, not to mention its bankable material value; and if you provide favourable experiences to your body and mind, you would enjoy long-lasting fitness, health and happiness. If you help others to enjoy favourable experiences, they become more disposed to helping you to enjoy favourable experiences according to your measure!

This means that in your relationship with the forces in the Universe you should direct your Will to deliver favourable experiences to Things and People.

In other words your relationship with Things and People matters!

What we have also discovered from this analysis, is that the concepts revealed are in agreement with the KREW’s Philosophies of Life.

This means that the Philosophies of Life are based on sound unchanging and universal principles. Therefore it would worth your while to chose a lifestyle that diligently practises these sound living philosophies.

This is the Better Way To Live, it makes this world A Better Place To Live. Members of the KREW call this a Wellness Lifestyle.

The lesson to be learned is that you can enjoy Success, Wealth, Health, and Happiness, also known as Prosperity, by using your Will and Intellect to harmonize your actions with the forces of the Universe.


The final conclusion

Be a benefactor to Things and People!

Help people! This is best done when you work as a team.

Be active; support The Movement.

You would enjoy abundant Success, Health, Wealth and Happiness.

You would prosper!



The Science Of Prosperity

Dr. Lissa Rankin shares the results of her research and experiences.

She reveals what is missing in your life and what you desperately need to do.

She shows you how to live your life more abundantly.

Look, Listen Live and enjoy!







A Gift For You

Here is an intellectual gift from the late George Harrison.

He summons one of the forces in his Universe, then contemplates and laments upon the relationship that he desires.

What is the state of your relationship with the forces within your Universe?

Have you contemplated upon or made your decision, and are you in pursuit of the relationships that would produce the results you desire?

Act! Or you shall be acted upon!



Artiste: George Harrison (Formerly from the Beetles)

Title: "My Sweet Lord"



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