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How To Help Those You Care About Most

  1. How to help those you care about most
    1. Accept that the best way to achieve your own success, health, wealth and happiness is to use your time, talent and treasure to help others to achieve same.
    2. Invite those you care about to join the KREW for the purpose of supporting one another in your chosen activity; like, say walking, Socai or weight control.
    3. Decide who should be your group’s leader (Krew Captain), this could be you, name and register your group (Krew) within the KREW. (The registration process can be performed with the help of your GeoNet Team leader (Team Chairperson), or any of the company’s officers assigned to manage the affairs of the KREW.)
    4. Create a Wellness Plan for your Krew. Your Wellness Plan should focus on achieving your Wellness Goals. This should be designed to align with the curriculum of the NWLM. When contemplating this exercise, you should ensure to consult with other members of your Krew. Of course you can always make changes to your Wellness Plan whenever the needs of your Krew changes. Ensure to commit the Wellness Plan to writing, and particularly post it on the CIS database where you have registered your Krew.
    5. Register your Krew on the CIS database.
    6. Perform your Wellness Plan immediately.
    7. Always observe the Philosophies of Life of the KREW.
    8. Record your activities on the CIS database and in other places provided for the purpose.
    9. Interact with each other and with the other members of the KREW; and as directed by your Supervisory Functionaries. Use the 5KREW Platform to discuss your successes, challenges and failures and generally to keep each other enthusiastic about fulfilling your Wellness Plan and achieving your Wellness Goals.
    10. Participate in KREW activities and Wellness Projects. Develop warm camaraderie. This helps you to become more intimate with more members of the KREW and increases your commitment to your Wellness Goals.
    11. Assess and compare your performance regularly. Remember, nothing measured nothing managed; and nothing managed is nothing gained!
    12. A useful strategy is to tap into your social network to build your Family Tree, while at the same time you should use your Family Tree to build your Krew.
  2. Requirements to get your gift for organizing your GeoNet Krew.
    1. You need to be the Krew Captain of your Krew.
    2. Only Guest Members, Angel Members, Premium Members, or Premium Angel members qualify to become Krew Captains.
    3. You need to have a minimum of 5 active members of your Krew. These members can be of any class of membership that subscribes Financial members of the KREW. This means that, for the purpose of getting the gift, Observer Members are not counted; however, they can be enrolled and participate in any Guest Krew.
    4. You need to register your Krew. This should be performed on the CIS database or, for a limited time only, on the appropriate registration forms and submitted to any of the company’s offices (by email, snail mail or by hand), if the CIS database is not working properly.
    5. As a Krew Captain, you will report to the Chairperson of your GeoNet. On matters related to your Krew’s Vocation, you will also report to the Chairperson of the respective Vocation Community Committee that is the closest physically or hierarchically to your Krew.
    6. At minimum each of your members must make one week of entries on the CIS Diet, Weight, Physical Activity and Physiological Readings logs, invite one member into the Krew using the CIS initiation functionality, as well as to participate in conversation on their vocations on the 5Krew Platform.

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