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Why Worry...

The worst thing about worry is that it attracts a whole flock of relatives.

Worries, like sheep, seem to flock together. One worry leads to another, and soon you are overwhelmed with the potential for problems. When you allow yourself to play the “what if?” game — to speculate about additional problems that one potential problem might cause — worries multiply, each making the next seem worse. If you must…


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Profanity an expression!

Profanity is a sign of inadequate vocabulary or unsound judgment — or both.

Mark Twain once observed that “the difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” It is never appropriate to use profanity, especially among people you do not know well. Instead, build your vocabulary by reading and studying so that you can express yourself simply and eloquently. When you expand the number of words you know, you also expand…


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A simple kind word...

Pleasant good morning to all

At a recent motivational session, our Guest Speaker shared insights on how we could do things differently for achieving personal success. I’m sharing the key points with you which are summarized below. They are really a way of life and we can all use them as our mantra, today and always.

I woke up today judging nothing and along the way I gave a colleague something, who in turn shared some positive words with me and others.

I continued…


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Senior Centres In Trinidad - Chaguanas

Hi Folks,


Ms. Yvonne Knights informed me that there are several Senior Centres located here in Trinidad. These centres were established by the Ministry of Social Development a few years ago. In Chaguanas there is an active senior centre managed by the Ministry of Community Development in conjuncation with the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Retired Persons.


The purpose of these centre is to recreate and educate persons age 50 and over. This…


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Lauren:”Is there a better way to live? Can I have it all; Success, Health, Wealth and Happiness? Can I have a fit, healthy and happy life?”


Sharon: “YES! MOST CERTAINLY! First, you must assume 100% responsibility for your results, help others, and they will help you in return. To get what you want you must identify your desired need, develop a vision and formulate a plan, which when implemented nurtures new and positive habits that becomes your…


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Is it worth helping others?

This is a question that you may ask in desperation whenever you find that your efforts seem to go unappreciated.

Don't fear!

Your rewards will come!

Consider the act of being good to others in terms of the total good that you do. In this way you will be perceived among those with whom you are a benefactor, as being the type of person with whom they would wish to associate.

So while you may not seem to be rewarded by any specific person at some specific time that…


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