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A Better Way To Live Involves Understanding The Underlying Concept Of Each Discussion Forum

So you have become a member of the KREW and want to know more about what it is all about.

You have enrolled into its online forum and cannot make out heads nor tails about how to navigate your way in this website.

You are special to me, therefore I have compiled a list of frequently used features and listed them below.

If you want to go directly to the active forum page of this website to engage in a discussion, just click on any of the headings below and a new browser window will open and take you there. (Don't worry! The page on that window is just as active as any other page on this site; and you will not be logged off! So you can close all other windows of your browser and continue in the new window, to your heart's desire!)

I know that you want to participate more fully in the discussions being conducted within this community, and you want to better understand the context against which each discussion forum is designed.

Therefore below is the information that you seek!

It's certainly a mouthful, but I am sure that you will love what you see and maximize your participation. So here we go....!!



Body & Fitness

At some point in our lives, most of us are gifted with perfect health; then how... or why do we screw that up!?

Let's discuss how to prevent this deadly mishap!

In this forum you will discuss matters about Physical Activity, Physical Aptitude, Your Physique, Weight Control, Diets, Food, Herbs, Nutrition, Supplements, Preventative Care, Traditional Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Personal Hygiene & Public Health.

Eat balanced meals!

Share your experiences and discuss how to discipline yourself to get the right amount of energy (calories), water and nutrition to resist disease and to remain Fit and Healthy so you can Enjoy Life to its fullest. Discuss how to make Physical Activity Fun!

Share your experiences and discuss how to inject regular Physically Activity into your daily life to become your natural way of living! Discuss how do you remain Active, Fit and Healthy long into your retirement. Discuss how to beat the deadly Start & Stop Syndrome (3S)!

Show-off if you may! If you've got it, you've earned the right to flaunt it! And here's the place for that!

Let's Discuss your Wellness Lifestyle! Share your experiences! Be civil!


Lifestyles & Aesthetics

Why must you be lonely, sad or poor, when the world is anxious to serve you liberally from its sumptuous menu of Riches, Joys & Pleasures?

Are you allergic to the Good Life?

If not, here is the place for you!

An effective Wellness Lifestyle is your ability to create and enjoy your flavour of Favourable Experiences; consistently! In this forum you will discuss how to Manage your Wealth as may manifest in any of its diverse forms!

Socialize & Enjoy Life! Discuss how To Feel & Look Your Best!

Discuss life's Toys & Joys, Pleasures & Leisures, Habits & Cultures, Spaces & Places. Explore your Dreams! Discuss how to become the person you've always wanted to be!

Discuss how to exert Self-Control upon your life, so that you will avoid the Blight of Excess!

Share your experiences and discuss how to acquire and maintain ideal Temperament and Lifestyle.

Show-off if you may! If you've got it, you've earned the right to flaunt it! And here's the place for that!

Let's Discuss your Wellness Lifestyle! Share your experiences! Be civil!



Love is your relationship with Things & People.

Does Life really have to be hard and miserable?!

Ever wondered why people never seem to get along with one another?

What are they looking for; what do they want; do they even know?

If you want actionable answers, then here is the space for you!

In this forum you will discuss how A Wellness Lifestyle is "A Better Way To Live!"

Love is Your Benevolent Relationship with Things & People! This is a Fundamental Philosophy of the KREW, which helps you to be Fit, Healthy & Happy.

Involves Intellect, Relationships, Responsibility, Discipline, Attitude, Sharing, Volunteerism, Wisdom & Peace-of-Mind. Love is the foundation of a Successful Life.

Here's why:

1) The common and most compelling need of all of Creation (i.e. Things & People) is to enjoy Favourable Experiences.

2) Life is about your Relationship with Things & People! Therefore to enjoy Life you would adopt the Attitude of 100% Responsibility for your Results and develop Favourable Relationships with Things and People! The swiftest and most reliable strategy for an abundance of Success, Wealth, Health and Happiness in your Life is to find out what others want or need and give it to them.

3) Wisdom is devoting your Thoughts, Words and Deeds to Helping all of Creation to Enjoy Favourable Experiences. In return, because you are revered as their Benefactor, they will passionately help you to Enjoy Your Favourable Experiences; and on your terms too!

4) To get the Favourable Experiences that you want in your Life, you must Leverage Yourself by engaging the resources of others; which they will eagerly avail to you because of the warm and Benevolent Relationships you have carefully Nurtured. Utilize judiciously when it is your turn to Enjoy Life's Favourable Experiences. Yours will manifest as a Life Rich with abundant Success, Wealth, Health & Happiness... yes, you can have them all!

5) Some call this Prosperity! Others call it Peace-of-Mind!

As a member of the KREW, you know it as... “A Better Way To Live!” That's because you live a Wellness Lifestyle!

Let's Discuss your Wellness Lifestyle! Share your experiences! Be civil!


Reality & Your Mind

Can't find Intellectually Stimulating Conversations? You’re not alone!

This forum is your space to glow; go get it!!

So you think you understand Life, Truth, Self, the World; think again!!

The following statements refer to some mind-twisting complexities intended to seed your discussions about your Reality and your Mind. How do they work? How does your Mind affect your Reality; how does your Reality affect your Mind?

Our Universe possesses two fundamental characteristics: The Infinite and Uncertainty. The Finite is a malleable manifestation of the Infinite; Certainty is also a malleable characteristic of Uncertainty. The Finite evolves from the Infinite and devolves back into the Infinite. Uncertainty manifests where the Finite emerges from the Infinite and also upon its reintegration into the Infinite.

You & Logic are of the Finite, while Truth & Faith are of the Infinite.

It is said that the Finite cannot completely comprehend the Infinite; it being a subset of the Infinite!

Okay, so what are the implications of these concepts upon the Reality that is your Life?

Can you identify and discuss any examples of these concepts; how can you employ the implications of these concepts so that you can enjoy "A Better Way To Live?"

Learn and discuss how to Think!

Discuss how you can develop and protect your Self-identity! How do you develop and protect your Credibility?

Are You your Physical Body, if not, who or what are You; what non-physical factors can be used to differentiate You from any other Being or Person?

What is the Master Mind; how can you use it to Leverage Yourself to achieve your goals; what is its relationship to Logic, Faith, Thoughts, Emotions, Imagery, Actions and the Results that manifest as your Reality; how can it be used for Good or Evil?

By the way, what exactly is this thing called Reality (Truth); is it fixed or is it volatile; how is it detected, measured, created or manipulated?

What factors influence your decision-making process, habits and culture?

Discuss how you create your own Reality!

What decisions do you make for yourself and what are (pre)determined for you by others? How do you link the Present with the Past and the Future to enjoy A Better Life? How do you take control of your Life?

Discuss how to think uplifting thoughts!

How do you protect, develop and improve your Intellect? What is Intellectual Capital; why is it important; how can it be acquired; how can you apply it to help yourself to live A Better Life?

What is Anti-intellectualism; what is Intellectual Dishonesty, how do they affect Your Life and the Quality of Life within Your Community?

How do you manage your Emotions and get them to serve You!

Discuss what is the relationship among your Emotions, your Thoughts, your Imagination, your sense of Faith, your Actions and your Results that manifests as your Reality.

Let's Discuss your Wellness Lifestyle! Share your experiences! Be civil!


Products & Services

This forum functions as the KREW's Intellectual Shopping Mall.

No unauthorized solicitation or vending (spam) shall be tolerated!

In this forum you will find people, organizations and companies, even Governments who are eager to help you to Live A Better Life.

Here is the place to engage with products and services that will do just that for you! Enjoy!!

Learn about, acquire, use and discuss "Must-have" Products & Services That Will Improve Your Life! Get Special offers! Be the first to get product trials! Product Reviews! How it Works! Tips & Tricks! Compare Performance! Best Practices!

Share your experiences and learn about products and services that will change your life.

Let's Discuss your Wellness Lifestyle! Share your experiences! Be civil!


The War Room

(WARNING: If you are Emotionally Challenged, Stay Out!!!)

This forum functions as the KREW's Intellectual Pub.

Get Intellectually Intoxicated, or seek Detoxification!

This is your Emotional Ventilator! Purge your Mind!

Beware! Everything here is most likely either a secret, a lie, half-truth or innuendo!

This is no place for the Wise or for those who cannot keep secrets; for here's the place where Angels fear to tread!!!

Participate or believe what you read here at your own risk!

Seek and or Give Forgiveness. Discuss the gripes of your life.

You can also discuss matters that do not belong to any of the other Forum categories (too spicy maybe!?).

Get the latest unsubstantiated rumours!

Come here to Enjoy your intellectual fights with one another! Fight about Religion, Politics or just about any nonsensical issue that guarantees a Good Fight... ehmm, Endless War!

Show your true colours! Be Foolish! Be idiotic! Be Dotish! Be Funny! Be Right in your Wrong, and be Smart in your Foolishness! Just Be Bad!!

The best parts of life seem to be enjoyed only by those who damn the consequences!! So Have Fun!!!

Here, nothing is off limits! (OK... almost nothing!)

Let's Discuss your Wellness Lifestyle!


Samuel Bernard

Plan Administrator


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