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Getting Started!

Getting familiar with any new environment can be very challenging. However this would be a breeze when you have a Mentor to hold your hands and show you around.

The KREW is a Movement of people that takes pride in helping each other to live a better life. This means that you will always get help from your Fellow KREW members.

This is the better way to live!

As a KREW member you practise the principle of 100% responsibility. This means that you assume full responsibility for your results; you accept no excuses. You share of your blessings and become entitled to benefit from the resources of others. To this end you contribute and otherwise support the Movement, and you enjoy the benefits of being a benefactor.

In the 5 KREW Platform this means that you are responsible to learn how to use the platform as quickly as possible; therefore time to do that is now!

Then you will help your friends, family and associates enjoy a better way to live.

This means that you will invite them into the KREW and Mentor them into learning how to make their first contributions in the Discussion Forum and the other useful facilities within the 5 KREW Platform.

To this end you will follow the procedures listed below when you become newly enroll into the 5 KREW Platform. Also, whenever you invite others to join the 5 KREW Platform you will help them to learn how to use the facilities which you have mastered.

You will not stop there!

You will also take the responsibility to learn and to master those Vocations that will enhance your life within the Movement. And then you will volunteer to become a Mentor and help others to master these Vocations.

So here we go...!


Get Mentored! That's How You Get Started On The 5 KREW Platform!

1. You register into the 5 KREW Platform, start or join a GeoNet Krew, and get Mentored from your Mentor. You start your initiation into A Better Way To Live. It's Great!

2. You engage and respond to three topics that others had posted on the 5 KREW Platform. This act helps you to understand how the system works.

3. You Start-up and post a topic against three Forum Subjects matters on the 5 KREW Platform. You break the ice; practice makes perfect when you use the Platform repeatedly.

4. Ensure to click on the text button named "Follow – Email me when people comment" if you want to get email alerts to tell you whenever someone made a post against a subject or topic that you care about. This might be your most important act to stay connected with the action.

5. You upload a lovely Photo of yourself and photos of three items that are dear to you.

6. You read-up and familiarize yourself with the KREW’s Philosophies of Life. This act helps you to become aware of the power within you.

7. You read-up and comment on the KREW’s Philosophies of Life, state what is its relevance to your life. This helps you to connect with the good forces of the Universe.

8. You engage your Mentor with a chat by using the Chat Room; you can give thanks for your Mentor’s help! Showing gratitude will improve your relationships and also brings you peace of mind.

9. You Invite two (2) friends to join 5 KREW Platform. Help others! Share A Better Way To Live! This is the spirit of the KREW!

10. You ensure they register on the 5 KREW Platform and you give them a hearty welcome comment as soon as they register. This act is extremely important!

11. You Mentor your friends, and you walk them through the 5 KREW Platform; in the same manner as when you were mentored. When you benefit, always return benefits in kind and you will always get much more in return!


A Sacred Tradition

When you engage as described above, you are continuing a most sacred tradition of the KREW. Another sacred tradition is observed whenever you express your warm feelings of pride and take inspiration from the KREW's Logo.

In this Movement each member passionately helps, mentors and takes care of one another!

This is A Better Way To Live! The KREW is A Better Place To Live!

You enjoy Success, Wealth, Health & Happiness; you Prosper!


A Gift For You

Enjoy this gift from the late Michael Jackson.

He clearly demonstrates the joyful spirit of benevolence towards others.

That's the better way to live; reach out and give!

Always be the first to give!

Help cheerfully, give freely! And whenever you receive, always give back in return!

When you use Michael Jackson's sage advice, you would get abundant success, health, wealth and happiness. Your Relationships Matter!

Helping others is A Better Way To Live!

You would make this world A Better Place To Live!

You would Prosper!


Artiste: Michael Jackson

Title: I'll Be There



Samuel Bernard

Plan Administrator

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