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KREW Administration

The administrative infrastructure is designed to provide you with maximum support and benefits at all times.


The following list identifies the components that administers the KREW Community.


1) Salubrity Ltd's Administration:

Provides the administrative support to guarantee that you get results from your Wellness Lifestyle. It is the KREW's Community Manager.

It provides the Wellness Management & Event Management support systems to ensure that you stay enthusiastic about your Wellness Lifestyle.


2) GeoNet:

This is the worldwide network of the KREW's membership within 'GeoNets' (geopolitical network) that are identified along a hierarchical order from Region, Country, Municipality, right down to Street level.

The lowest GeoNet (Street level) is called the Krew (note only one capital letter is being used). You will participate within one or more of these GeoNet Krews.


3) MentorNet:

This is the network of mentors that exists within the KREW. This institution is where the Intellectual Capital of the KREW is stored.

This institution creates, propagates and protects the Culture of the KREW. It is the support system that transmits Intellectual Capital from one KREW member to another KREW member that is usually less knowledgeable about an aspect of the KREW or a Vocation.

This institution is really a means by which the KREW delivers a benefit that targets the member who wants to better understand his Vocation by volunteering his services (Voluntary Functionary) to help his fellow KREW Members.

The principle being used is that the best way to learn is to teach. In this way when you need to use a service, as a Mentor you will get a much more intimate understanding of how your Vocation works and how to use it to maximize your own benefit.


4) SaluNet:

This is the network of service providers that provide services to the KREW. Intellectual Capital is usually sourced from the SaluNet and transmitted to the MentorNet for distribution to members of the KREW.

The SaluNet is an important institution within the Wellness Ecosystem.


5) Your Path To Leadership, Performance & Results

The following chart outlines a path for you to enjoy personal development in the KREW as you achieve prosperity and peace of mind by using your time, talent and treasure to help others to succeed in life.













A Gift For You

Be inspired with this treasure from Carole King.

In the KREW You've always got a Friend!

Artiste: Carole King

Title: "You've Got A Friend"


Samuel Bernard

Plan Administrator


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