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Are you prepared to enjoy your Wellness Lifestyle to the max?

If you do, then you will be pleased to know that yesterday, Friday 13th April 2012 as the Plan Administrator of the KREW, I returned from a very successful trip to a two-day regional Wellness Seminar held in beautiful Antigua. The subject title of the meeting was "Development and Promotion of the Caribbean Health and Wellness Tourism Sector - Stakeholders Meeting".

Delegates from throughout the Caribbean discussed stratgies for branding the Caribbean as a natural Wellness Spa and the premier real estate for savouring worldclass Health, Wellness and Spa experiences.

Within the list of delegates included representatives from business and government, including hotel, spas, government agencies etc.

The event was arranged by the Caribbean Export Development Agency. The seminar was presented and moderated by the very able and extremely talented Dr. Auliana Poon, Director, Tourism Intelligence International.

The event was conducted upon the initiative of the Caribbean Spa & Wellness Association (C-SWA). C-SWA is the umbrella agency for its national associations within the region that advocate the interest of professionals, producers and entities that focus on Health, Wellness and Spas. C-SWA is keen on empowering its members to serve the needs of the regional and extra-regional tourist.

As the Plan Administrator for the KREW, I have volunteered to accept the challenge and responsibility to form a Trinidad & Tobago chapter of C-SWA. Such is the dedication of the KREW in satisfying its Wellness objectives. This is because I am confident that I can depend upon your fullest cooporation and participation, as members of the KREW, in fulfilling this worthwhile objective. Together we shall create a Mobilization KREW to get this done.

You will be pleased to know that the Tourism Development Company of Trinidad & Tobago was one of the several governmental agencies represented. This is extremely significant for the growth of this benevolent Movement dedicated to making the world into a better place to live; a Movement that we all fondly know as the KREW.

The KREW has the vision to position T&T as the Mecca of Medical & Wellness Tourism in the world.

As the Mecca, we should be relied upon to provide inspiration and leadership. This means that a time should come when anyone who attempts to embark upon anything of significance relating to Medical and Wellness Tourism in the world, would find it most beneficial to first seek input from an entity within Trinidad & Tobago.

We also discussed approaches to harness benefits for citizens of the region.

The KREW will advocate that the Caribbean should be assertive in staking its claim as the premier real estate in Medical & Wellness Tourism. Wellness is currently a new frontier. As with all new frontiers first you stake your claim, then you defend it!

After all, our environment is a natural spa! Not only that, the Caribbean brand is the premier holiday brand in the world. We merely need to leverage upon that well known Caribbean brand and stake our claim as the premier wellness destination in the world.

This is a claim that we are well positioned to defend. We have God on our side (the Caribbean's ecology has all the attributes of a natural spa; and made by whom, not the Creator?).

"And besides, ent everybody know dat God is ah Trini?" So if God is with you, who can defeat you? Yes, we can defend our claim!

As a region, we need to act now, assertively stake our claim as the premier Wellness region in the world; or we shall be acted upon, when another region grasps our birthright from us!

This is an excellent opportunity for the KREW and you, its members!

When we stake our claim and act on its implications, enormous health benefits shall accrue to our Caribbean citizens. More importantly, you can access unlimited economic benefits to your heart's desire; employment and business opportunities, just to name a few!

In this very intense two-day seminar conducted on Wednesday and Thursday at the Royal Antiguan Hotel, delegates discussed branding, marketing & promotion, training and standards development, and most importantly the 'Caribbeanizing' of our Wellness and Spa products and experiences.

This seminar and my journey caused me to touch down on at least four other Caribbean nations; Grenada, Barbados, Dominica and St, Lucia. I began to appreciate the immense potential of the Caribbean tourism product. This is something that cannot be understood or assessed if one is confined to the non-tourist destination of Trinidad, and even Tobago!

I wish to digress a bit to suggest that I am sure that you will agree that due to the emergence of the KREW, very soon this non-tourism disposition of T&T shall quickly change!

For instance we shall no longer disparage our coastal waters and be ashamed of its golden amber colour. Instead, we should recognize the unique benefits of our coastal waters and invite tourists around the world to come here to enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of our unique version of natural Thalassotherapy!

We shall proclaim to the world that they can come here and rejuvinate themselves in our world class natural spa facilities. We shall proudly proclaim that these natural facilities were built specifically for them by the healing hand and all powerful will of their Creator. We shall announce to the world that their Creator has brought the natural body cleansing filtrates of the Amazon via the mighty Orinoco river for them to enjoy exclusively in the land of La Trinity.

Here, they can lavish themselves in theraputic waters made from copious amounts of rich natural spa quality organic ingredients that originate from the eclectic mix of luscious verdant foliage which filtrates were leeched through the organic substrates of the natural sauna that is the Amazon rainforest. What is experienced as the golden amber colour of the coastal waters of La Trinity is really the spa quality Amazonian filtrates meticulously blended with the rejuvenating warm waters of the sun drenched Atlantic Ocean, thus maximizing the invigorating effect of the T&T version of Thalassotherapy.

Back to the topic, let me say that the seminar was utilised as a platform to set the KREW firmly amongst the leaders of this noble Caribbean-wide tourism initiative. We succeeded.

As a loyal KREW member, you will be among those at the forefront of driving this ambitious Caribbean Wellness project. There shall be no end to the joy and excitement as we overcome all frustrations that dare to come our way!

Also, as a first mover in this Movement that is the KREW, you will be well positioned to reap the excellent benefits identified above.

Positioning the Caribbean as the premier real estate for Wellness in the world, is a most crucial step in making T&T become the Mecca of Medical & Wellness Tourism in the world! This is a viable solution to the question of what should we depend upon after our oil and gas has run out.

In January 2012 the KREW was hosted at the National Institute of Ayurveda (NIA), India's apex university hospital in ayurveda medicine, in Jaipur India, at the invitation of the Indian Government. In January 2012 the KREW was also part of the Prime Minister's trade mission to India! Now in April the KREW is represented in Antigua. What next?

Hey, can't you see; from its humble beginning in the Arangues Savannah, the KREW is going places! The train has begun to roll!

Imagine, we have only just begun and several organizations, high profile companies, NGOs and government entities have decided to align themselves with the KREW.

Don't get left behind! Be a first mover! Get on board! Ride a moving train! Enjoy the ride!

You will be fit, health and happy. You will get success, health, wealth and happiness to your measure. You will Prosper!

The KREW is a Movement to make this world a better place to live!

With the KREW, the world will never be the same again!

Members... be proud!

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Hi, Would Government participation include providing Land for "Health Spa Retreats", to be erected??


Hi Valerie Millino. Welcome to the KREW.

In response to your question. This thing is still in its infancy.

I will suggest that only after we have organized into a viable negotiating force can we make actionable presentations to any authority.

This means that if you are interested in this vocation, it will be worth your while to stay tuned and participate in the initiative to create a local C-SWA chapter.

The KREW will be at the forefront of getting this off the ground in quick succession.

The KREW is an action oriented Movement and have already achieved many accomplishments that others would have found impossible.

By the way are you interested in participating in the venture to establish a local chapter of C-SWA?

Please advise.

  Caribbean Spa and  Welness Association?  Yes, Indeed!


Hi Valarie;

Thanks for affirming your desire to participate in the making the local chapter of the Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association (C-SWA) a reality.

You became aware, and you have committed to be action oriented. This is be very first Philosophy of Life of the KREW.

You have decided to give of your time talent and treasure; you are a benefactor. Again you have demonstrated a commitment to live the Philosophies of Life of the KREW.

With this action oriented and benevolent attitude to life, you will secure your measure of prosperity in life!

I shall have our Wellness Activity Coordinator contact you in the coming week to discuss further how to engage your contribution.

To make the world a better place to live does not take the action of all that live, it merely need a few more like you.

Since it is true that birds of a feather flock together, please feel free to invite your friends to the KREW.

KREW Love!

Thank You so much, a dream coming to pass!  

Hi Karen;


Yes, you can be sure that legit Massage Therapy will fall under the ambit of this body.

I am currently mobilizing efforts to get this organization going.

You will be informed about the progress of this effort via this communication platform.

If you have friends or colleagues that are interested, I suggest that you invite them to join in this platform since we will be using it as the communication platform to mobilize the effort, to engage people who want to participate and to keep people in touch.

Which location do you currently practise your craft?

Last week Tuesday, I had a meeting with the Tourism Development Company of Trinidad & Tobago. They have expressed support for the initiative and I have to present to them documentation that they can use to include into their plans.

Tomorrow, I will be visiting the Indian High Commission to further the initiative of integrating the Ayurveda tradition into our wellness initiative.

Stay tuned!

KREW Love!

You are blessed!!

Don't forget to listen to me on today Talk City 91.1fm, at 10.02am as I bring the benefits of the KREW to the nation.

This radio programme is a Wellness Project of the KREW, for the benefit of members like you, and for the nation.

It is an important step in the KREW's ambitious plan to bring enormous benefits to T&T by making T&T become the Mecca of Medical & Wellness Tourism in the world!


KREW Love to you!


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