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Is Carnival Really A Celebration of Our Culture or A Celebration of Our Shame???

Wine and go down, wine on who ever yuh want, fete all night, drink yuh belly full, misbehave if yuh please, time to break away! Let off the stress of being upright and morale citizen. Jam on he and jam on she.....


All dem primp and proper bank ladies suddenly forget that they dainty, one leg wrapp around a light pole and the other wrap around a man. When dey see the camera...action for so!!!! I does wonder when God look down on Trinidadians at carnival time....he does like wat he sees?...just a question




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lol..oh my

Once again the intellectual mind deceives itself and the point is missed terribly...... of course to the physical world Carnival has benefits, economy wise and all and so does Christmas, and of course ppl abuse Christmas.... but what does the economy have to do with God and the way He wants us to live.... and aint it funny that you can see the wrong in the abuse of Christmas but you see no wrong in Carnival..... Mr. Oracle you need to come again eh...! like yuh tie up... that trip yuh take on that iron bird bring yuh back bound....! pretty soon that hole yuh digging will be able to hold you and all the rest of them yuh only callin.... and the last time i checked this war room was free n not based on invi.... but ah know why yuh find ah shudnt be here..... i dont say much but i do rattle your cage.....! "an iz dat".....! aye.... talk nah... cuz i done talk...!

Lauren girl i agree with you....!

Once again....a master piece of a response. Cal I doh expect Mr. Oracle to understand we point yuh no. Remember de Bible say that de carnal mind is enmity wit God cuz it cannot undertand de way of God, only de ways of Man.

So wah yuh expect, Mr. Oracle talkin about wat de no, he trustin in his earthly, human knowledge. A chicken altho it have wings like a eagle it cyah fly to de same hight. It was not built for tat altitude


Tryin to teach Mr. Oracle dem tings is like tryin to make a chicken fly like a eagle. Leh him bum he gum...dat all he could do. tak, tak tak De meek will inherit de earth yuh ent see he even use tis quote wrong

Mr. Oracle yuh need to buy meh a new BS detector, after reading tat wat yuh jus type dey, mines jus blew up!

Well, well, well!! Good always overcome evil! Today ah see proof ah dat!

At last ah geh Lauren an Carlene to stop dey blaspheming of dey God and admit dat de carnival ha good in it.

Lauren say she was ah carnival baby, she is de living testament dat shows dat God doh make no bad tings. Thank you!

However is only bad minds that could never see de good from de bad in ah ting.

When yuh under de influence of Bratt, de good does look bad and de bad does look good. Worse, if yuh gullible, den yuh dead! Bratt is a real trickster.

Bratt did get Georgette to bring him Lauren's and Carlene's head, but ah grab dem away from he and Georgette. Ah save dem! Deh could tank meh later!

While Joanne, Anna an Gail an dem playing spectator to how dem gyul was damaging God name, de point dat ah was makin, an asking allyuh tuh say, is if ah rite or rong about carnival; an if ah rong tuh tell meh why. Is dat too unreasonable tuh ask?

Instead ah dem showing me how ah rong, dey condemning me. Dey start to trow de bible at me hoping to buss meh head an prove dat God's good works should be seen as bad. Imagine, dey even say dat God shame about we body too! Waayh!!

Dem real krazy yes!! When dey under de influence ah Bratt dey does forget dat dey should fear God. Ah not taking dat!

De last time ah hear about wat God say wen He made de world is dat He save de best for last. He made man last, and He was well pleased. But man was lonely; not pleased. So He made woman, an boyh, man geh really really pleased!

So wayh de shame in dat?

As far as it look from de story as was told, ah hear dat it was Bratt dat was ashame dat he geh leff out ah all de action. Dat is why he went against God will and hide behind adam back tuh teif de woman head an was pleased. Bratt corrup de woman head (Georgett watch out) she get adam to join in she ting, an is only when dey get ketch dat all ah dem realize dey nakid.

As far as ah see, from de story of He creation to wen He sen He Son wid de good news to man, God eh hate pleasure; jus as he Son eh hate wine. Ah hear dat even He Son used de strategy of leaving de best for last; an He was well pleased.

Now all dat is good news to me!!!

To me He want yuh to enjoy yuh life! So why should He hate carnival?

Why allyuh doh join wid me an de KREW an clean up de carnival; an de christmas too? As a movement we could do dat an show de world a better way to live! Wah allyuh tink? Irene, yuh there? Vidartee, yuh there? Say something man!

Anyhow, ah hear dat de story of creation say is Bratt dat bring shame upon de place when he corrup de woman. If dat is true, de wise wid say dat where there is pleasure, there is God; an where there is shame, there is Bratt!

Pleasure does relieve yuh stress and make yuh live long; ent dat is wat carnival does do! Den if dat is true, carnival will make you fit healthy and happy.

Ent allyuh say dat carnival ha plenty pleasure, den together we jus prove dat God in de carnival! Amen!

So ah really doh know how allyuh could find shame in all dat pleasure God was happily sharing around in de garden. When Dem party animal, Lauren, Gail and Afi in action, dey is only about pleasure and destressing deyself. Dey not concerned about pleasing Bratt, like Georgette an dem. Dey know dat clean pleasure everyday keeps Bratt away.

Tuh me wen God was wid adam an eve in de garden an pleanty pleasure was sharing, dis must be de perfect example of ah happy treesome. Ah hear dat God was really pleased!

Den came Bratt an he an de woman mashup everyting!

Ah sure dat de Bratt in Georgette head will make she take de original works of God in de garden, an turn de pleasure tuh shame, and den call it de original sin!

But ah know dat Lauren an Carlene, who ah see yesterday deh geh born-again, again, an deh geh saved from Georgette an Bratt, will come tuh de rescue an condemn Georgette fuh conspiring with Bratt to spread ah bad rake on adam an eve an God about dey pleasure sharing behaviour in de garden.

In de beginning ah dis topic about carnival, Bratt currupt Georgette head an cause she tuh get dem gyul an dem tuh try tuh dis meh message of good and hope. Dey doh want de carnival to geh ah better rap, which it deserve. God eh make no evil; is not God dat make de shame. We jes see dat shame is of de evil an pleasure is of God.

Yesterday ah give allyuh a serious warning not tuh gang up against meh. At lease Lauren an Carlene, an de res ah dem, take meh warning seriously. Dey did not study Georgette an Bratt an try to gang up on poor me, Oracle.

Dey lucky boyh! Ah wonder if allyuh know wat was waiting fuh deh tail!!

Anyway good always overcome evil!

Dat is why de good in de carnival overcame de evil in dey mine, and make dem turn againse Bratt and Georgette, when dey realize dat de Cosmic forces of good will work against dem an dey conspiracy wid Bratt.

Ah sure dat allyuh realize how Goergette head real hard wen she have it under de influence of Bratt.

Lauren gyul, ah see dat yuh geh saved again! Yuh say dat yuh was saved once. Den dis is yuh third life yuh living? How much lives yuh really have gyul?

Anyway doh take no chances wid dis one eh! Doh dis yuh carnival gyul, it is yuh culture an God will be pleased tuh see yuh promote de good in it an will make sure dat yuh geh fit healthy an happy!

Take my advice gyul! De Oracle does geh he light from deep within de Universe, ah will not lead yuh astray! So doh bodder wid dem an dey tchupidness, gyul!

Anyway, now dat yuh see de light, wat about organizing de Mobilization Krew to run ah Bin Lidin type rescue mission tuh rescue Georgette's harden tail from Bratt?

Wah allyuh tink about dat, eh?


Georgette, yuh newfound humility has made yuh whole; saved!

I am pleased!

You may now join de likes of Lauren and Carlene!

Bratt... ah Gotcha!

Get thee hence Bratt!!

Now, Lauren, Carlene an Georgette, leh we geh togedder an form ah Mobilization Krew and get de res ah dem to come wid us an clean up de carnival!

Wid all ah allyuh workin as one Krew, ah feel dat dis movement go be real big boyh.

Wid Joanne as de one in charge, ig go take over de country by storm! Ah gettin real excited boyh!

David, Irene, Anna, Gail an Afi wat name allyuh want to give dis new carnival band?

Might I submit a suggestion....The Anti-Bratt


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