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Is Carnival Really A Celebration of Our Culture or A Celebration of Our Shame???

Wine and go down, wine on who ever yuh want, fete all night, drink yuh belly full, misbehave if yuh please, time to break away! Let off the stress of being upright and morale citizen. Jam on he and jam on she.....


All dem primp and proper bank ladies suddenly forget that they dainty, one leg wrapp around a light pole and the other wrap around a man. When dey see the camera...action for so!!!! I does wonder when God look down on Trinidadians at carnival time....he does like wat he sees?...just a question




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Well... I have all de answers for yuh!

It depens on any of many tings.

If He is ah man, He might see His creations performing well, in glorious splendour; and shall be pleased.

If He is ah (wo)man, she might be damn jellus dat all dem gyul an dem having ah good ole time an she jes have to be ah bored spectator worried dat she man might geh ah leg in de game if she turn she back away from de action... sour grapes eh?

If He is ah businessman, he might very well be profiting hansomely from all dem carnival activities, including the high price of parties and mas costumes. He should be pleased!

If He is ah religious leader, he might be profiting when He pass round he plates, bags or boxes for his bounteous collections from his flock who will reward him for condemming dem evil carnival lovers.

If He is into Wellness, He might see carnival as ah Wellness Event. He shall be pleased!

Tuh He, carnival is ah good example of ah season wen people fulfill dey commitment to staying, fit, healthy and happy.

Dey do so by destressing demselves with lighthertedness an plenty music (soca is ah good mind destresser), engaging in physical activities (no odder music cud get people off deh couch like soca; soca music is wellness music), having ah ball of ah time socializing (improving dey relationships and practising love; notting better for dat dan ah good wine in ah trini fete or on carnival day), and den preparing demselves to meet Him, on Ash Wendsday. Carnival is de only thing dat cud get sinners and saints tuh keep dey promise tuh exercise, fast (diet management) and behave dey darm self until Good Friday. No carnival; no Lent!

Now, ah doh know bout you gyul, but to my mind, if yuh really want to know de ansa fuh yuh question, dis is wat he go see; He go see people doing de Wellness tings dat everybody does say dat is good fuh dey mind, body and soul!

Now, ah was never in heaven tuh meet God, so I eh really know Him personally.

Buh ah feel He go be pleased, yuh know!

Now yuh cud say ah wrong, buh If yuh feel ah lie, yuh have tuh tell meh why.

Wah yuh tink!

Wat!!!!....... Utter madness!!!!

Tell meh someting....

Who really showing signs of being ah madman or, well... ah madoman?

De person who talking sense an justifying he position; or de person who accuse de sensible person of being mad, without justifying why dey tink de sensible person is saying madness?

Bohy, ah now coud see why dey call here de War Room.

Dis is de right place fuh allyuh... ha, ha, ha!

Way is Lee Ann an Sharon in all ah dis?

Lee Ann and Sharon, allyuh cyah keep quiet while Georgette dissing wat God tink, an telling everybody dat it is "Utter Madness!"

Gail and Afi, allyuh is party animals! Come in de War Room an defend allyuh culture!

Anna, Irene and Michelle, all ah allyuh does benefit from de taxes dat de govament does get from dem tourist and all de business activities. Allyuh should come in defense of de economy. Wa happen, allyuh like tuh be poor? Defend allyuh pocket

Ah feel dat all ah we have tuh come together as Fellow KREW members to help Georgette to remove sheself from de influence of Bratt!

ha ha ha..... ah feel like ah castin meh pearls before swine. Cosmic Oracle let meh break someting down to yuh, step into meh classroom. Ah dont blame yuh for yuh obvious lack knowledge in spiritual tings. Its hard to understand de ways of God as a non Bible readinig, non practicing Anglican.

But let meh hit yuh wit some knowledge. De Bible said that witout HOLINESS no man shall see God

(Heb 12-14). If God destroy de Children of Isreal after He bring dem out of Egypt for "playing mass" in de wilderness...He go like it now!!!.....


I not under no Bratt influence...check yuhself!

Cosmic Oracle...yuh see wat u jus say dey.....tat is Anti-intellectualism!!!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....... ah weak.......! well Oracle yuh well waste time typing cuz yuh over talk arseness.....! for a man with your level of intelligence it was expected.....! usually well learnt ppl tend to be naive and ignorant to Spiritual things..... that's jus my take..... was God pleased with Adam and Eve's nakedness...? than why wud he be please with ours, if he wasnt pleased with Sodom and Gomorrah's way of living which was like the ultimate carnival everyday... why would he be pleased with the immorality associated with our culture ? I do acknowledge the fact that every country has there culture which is there way of life one can only understand spirituality when you seek and get close to (for me I can say Jesus Christ cuz that's who I believe in) whatever deity you believe in you will notice that pleasing physical is irrelevant. but I guess to each its own... Oracle take ah bow fuh that mess yuh jus talk dey..... alyuh good oui....... Lawd.......!

Well said Carlene!!!!

Carlene it look like you an all mad jes like Georgette!

God say de meek shall inherit de earth.

But Carlene, yuh was not invited tuh dis dance. Wat yoh doin here in dis conversation?

Yuh eh realize dat dis is for big people, adults?

Yuh so boldface dat not only will you be cast out of dis conversation, buh yuh unholy behaviour towards me shall surely cause God to cast yuh tail into de pit wit Bratt.

Yuh behaviour is ah perfect example of one under de influence of Bratt.

Yuh eh even deal wid de issues dat ah raised.

Ah go have to ask Kamla tuh kick yuh tail out ah we economy for dissing she culture.

Yuh tink dat Gail, and dem will like tuh know dat you not supporting dey ting.

Ah go sen Irene an Anna fuh yuh tail, den ah go leh Lee Ann an Joanne finish yuh off.

Yuh could still save yuhself, you know.

Yuh still have time tuh seek forgiveness from de influence of Bratt and ask yuh God for forgiveness.

Den we go work together to help we save Georgette from she madness of condemning God as being mad!

Ah know dat Georgette will be ah very hard nut tuh crack.

So we have to work together an setup a Mobilization Krew to save Georgette.

Lauren is a good person to work as Krew Chief to head dat dangerous Osama Bin Liden mission.

Wah yuh tink Lauren? Yuh want to save Georgette?

Well said Georgette!


And Carlene gyal, yuh took d words right out my mouth!


I am almost certain, as a matter of fact, I AM CERTAIN, that the GOD in which i serve ent please with this so call "celebration of culture" and Georgette gyal believe me when i support you by saying it a "celebration of shame".


I was once a carnival baby and admit as a Trinidadian my love for the soca music, but we got to beeeeeeeeeee wise. We need to manage our behaviour and stop for a moment to understand the nonsense that these musician are selling us.


The principles that I am guided by are all against the MADNESS and the Immorality, the drunkeness and the vulgerness.


And to answer you Mr. Oracle, GOD IS NOT A MAN or anything else that you were clearly assuming. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the GREAT "I AM" He is righteous and prefect and he said to us " BE AS PERFECT AS YOUR FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN.


And in closing, I often wonder when my God returns, if he will find favour on earth.


Sharon what you think?

Amen, amen, amen....i would love to no wat sharon and anna tink???

Cosmic Oracle yuh waz lookin for support..... but like yuh aint gettin none!!! oh, oh, poor ting


Georgette Gyul ah not looking fuh support, yuh know. Ah could stan on meh own legs.

Ah trying tuh save meh friends from Bratt. Gyul ah want tuh save you too!

Look how Bratt have yuh showing off and taunting me nah! He trick yuh into losing yuh humility!

Your behaviour to me was Bratt's Gotcha Moment.

Tell me what is de difference between your behaviour to me, and what you see if on carnival Tuesday, if yuh happen to bounce up Carlene, Lauren and Irene an dem gyrating vigourously to de riddom section atop Despers float, each competing against the other and proudly wearing their micro-est battycracker?

While your actions may be different, your own lack of humility and what you will consider as their lewd actions are the same lack of humility (sin). In the KREW it is called being under de influence of Bratt!

Wen ah talk about carnival, all ah was doing was showing allyuh how carnival have plenty good in it, and how allyuh does benefit from de carnival. Ah was not looking fuh any support, gyul.

Instead ah was only encouraging allyuh tuh see de good in de carnival. Who have eyes tuh see, let dem see. But de bline cannot lead de bline. Even ah bline fool know dat! So come follow me, ah go lead allyuh tuh prosperity.

Ah mean tuh say, nothing is good or bad in itself, it is what yuh make of it.

Consider dis....

Allyuh does do like if Christmas is so much better dan carnival, ent. Leh we take ah serious look at wat does happen fuh Christmas.

Christmas does have much more vanity in it. Bratt like dat! It has much more crime because it is de one time when everybody tiefing from one another at work, more burglaries, shopping or business, it has plenty wasteful spending, much more alcohol is consumed than any other time of the year, and more gluttonous feeding, and yes, more women get seduced with lovely gifts and delicate favours which are often repaid during de carinval season; giving my poor carnival de bum rap for unwanted pregnancies etc.

Bratt eh easy nuh! He does easily fool de gullible into wrongly blaming we carnival as de culprit. Is like blaming de car for de conception an not de KFC! Ah could even see allyuh waving placards and hear allyuh warcry chanting: "Ban cars! Take out de backseat! It bad fuh yuh gyul chile!"

So why not condemn Christmas too? You don't! Yuh chose to selectively remember and talk only about de good in Christmas, ent? Allyuh does behave like if Bratt does fool allyuh into believing dat he does go on annual vacation for de Christmas, ent! Hypocrite! Gotcha!

Dis is ah lesson all members of de KREW should learn. "For de most part, good or bad is what yuh make of yuh circumstances in life".

But Bratt does always fool de gullible and de 'holier than thou' into rejecting de good anh make dem focus only on de bad. Bratt knows dat dat is de recipe tuh geh even more bad in yuh life. Dis creates another of Bratt's Gotcha moments!

Dat is one ah he Gotcha tricks tuh get allyuh not to exercise, tuh eat bad foods, tuh be overweight and to suffer stressful relationships. It is he recipe for pain anguish and long suffering.

You will not prosper if yuh reject de good because yuh foolishly see it as bad. If yuh smart yuh will see dat when yuh reject de good, all yuh remain with is bad! Bratt knows dat very well!

So when yuh get confused and does not do what yuh should do tuh stay health during de year, because yuh doh know de difference between good from bad, smarty Bratt does wait patiently like a hungry cobeoux in de sky circling above ah sick dog, for allyuh tuh get sick, den suffer an die.

Gotcha!! Dis is Bratt's victory roar!

Bratt smart too bad yes! Poor Georgette doh know dat! She gone astray on dis one!

He know dat allyuh eh realize dat concentrating only on de bad in de carnival does cause allyuh to neglect allyuh body for de rest of de year, an allyuh cyar realize dat playing holier than thou is a big mistake of lack of humility (sin) dat leads tuh death when allyuh reject de good part of ah innocent thing.

So Bratt fool Georgette into trying tuh dis me by making she incorrectly think dat I wanted support for my point of view. She arrogantly boasted dat I eh geh no support, and taunted me on that. In de act, Bratt cause she tuh behave without humility.

Dis is an example of how Bratt's influence upon Georgette caused her to be distracted tuh try tuh dis me. But jes when she thought that she was victorious over me, Bratt roared in victory over her: Gotcha!!

So ah see dat all ah allyuh planning tuh come after me in de War Room?

If dat is true ah know dat Bratt waiting on allyuh tail.

If allyuh doh heed my words, Bratt will influence allyuh to conspire with Georgette to work as ah team against meh teachings and then.... Gotcha!!


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