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Gang War In Lavantille! Blame The Police Or Blame The Commumity; Who Is At Fault?

Tonight in the news I heard that over four homes were burned down in Lavantille.

It was said that this was a gang related crime.

Members of the community have blamed the police for not heeding their calls for protection.

Do you blame the police? Or do you blame the villagers for these crimes? Give reasons!


Let's see if you can give the correct answer?


Krew Love!

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Hi Cosmic Oracle welcome back nice to know that you are ready to share  your opinions with us once again.Hope you have recovered from the shock and pain with the passing of Johann I know this will take some time to heal but with faith in God and his blessings healing will come easy. Now I will answer your question on the issue raised concerning the fire in Laventille "WHO TO BLAME POLICE OR VILLAGERS" in my opinion both should share some of the blame because this gang war did not start yesterday it has been going on for some time now and because the Villagers have no trust in the police services and will not help by giving any information which can assist in solving crime in their Village for fear of their life.We must remember that there are some very corrupt elements within our police services.Just a few weeks ago in Beetham the police held a raid while in progress it was reported that  a officer  sat on a resident house banister after the police left the area a member of that house was shot and killed his house was burned to the ground all this was just because he was suspected to be a police informer with this in mine would you want to share any information with the police ? I can remember when I was going to primary school and even before while growing up my parents always told us to respect our elders those were the days when it took a whole village to rais a child now children do not respect their parents much less their elders.Could we continue like this ? how long will it last ? if parents do not take control of their children my friend we will just continue to loose our future generations  our fathers need  special prayers for them to help with their responsibilities in taking care of their children and not leave it up to the mother alone. The blame game can go on and on  so much more to be said but I will leave it for another time hope I have assisted in some way. Love Emond.

Hi Emond;

You have provided a moutful of information to chew upon.

As far the quality of children we produce, I can always remember my mother saying that you can make the child but you cannot make their mind.

Another point is that all generations worry about the quality of the next generation, often thinking that they are degenerating and that society will decline, however it seems to work itself out just fine and society improves in quality and standard of living.

This might be because it is not the youth that determines the standards of living, but more mature adults. Meaning that as the youths give up their youthful imperfections and become adults themselves, they meld nicely into the status quo and heed the teaching of their parents, and take turns to also observe and worry about the shortcoming of their own children.

The above observation speaks to the issues that are occuring in Lavantille. It is the youths that are acting up and the cause of the strife. Of course they are sometimes aided and abetted by more mature persons in that society. Those persons would have not unlearned the bad habits of youth, probably they never had the benefit of being told or shown a better way to live.

Such situations become hardened into the society and is known as culture; a culture of crime, in which a major part is the culture of ignorance.

With education, crimes against the person diminishes, but may manifest as what is known as white colour crime. White colour crime in many respects is more devastating than crimes against the  person. However the perpetrators get away most of the time especially since it is often undetected, and if detected, is very difficult to litigate.

Often the effects of white colour crime manifests in the poorer communities, and the house burning in Lavantille may very well be a result of white colour crime of corruption that occurs in high places with the drug trade.

So which is worst, the criminal with a gun and a torch, or the criminal with the business suit or police uniform and high office?


Members of the KREW, please advise.

Cosmic Oracle you have made quite a startling revelation in "WHITE COLOUR CRIME" this I agree totality with you. Most white colour crimes are committed by very educated persons they have created a culture of crime in our society that because of the benefits gain from this practice most times it is not detected in time by the authorities concern and they continue with their culture of crime. I  would say that the criminal with the business suit and high office is most dangerous, because he has the wealth to use on the weak in mine and poor in our society to gain  his rich rewards.

Emond, from what we are seeing in this discussion, it looks as though, our whole society, from top to bottom, is at fault in this matter.


Blaming the affected community or the police is like blaming your hand for the boils that burst out on it after you have treated your body badly by practising bad hygene. Such action would be a case of grossly misplaced responsibility!


You may treat the boil, and it may go away, and you may also blame your hand for your problems. However the boil will recur and give you hell, until you treat the true underlying cause; your deplorable attitude towards your body!


If, as a society, we apply this very same faulty attitude towards crime, is it any wonder why crime only seems to lull in slumber for a very short while, and then without warning returns with a never-ending vengence!


I wonder what are the views of Linus Charles, Dexter Pachecho, and Alana Goodridge on this matter?


Boy, I can't wait for Stephen Salandy, Valerie Mollino and Yvonne Knights to pitch in on this discussion!


Hey, you guys! What's up!

Cosmic Yes our society from top to bottom may be at fault ! Look at the way we have become a law less people we dont follow the laws just do as we want.Therefor our children as you mentioned earlier in your reply they just flow into the status quo what do we expect ?we have to guide them from falling into this trap by setting good examples for them to follow.Let me give you one of my bad example and I was corrected by my nine year old grandson while driving him home from school one afternoon  I approach a traffic light it was on yellow so I sped up to get it before changing to red my grandson called to me and said  grandpa yellow does not mean to speed up you should slow down ! I look at him and said yes you are right and I slowed down. Now the essence of my story  is this discussion was held in my home with my daughter before and he remembered hence the reason we should start with our children in our fight to change things.what do you think ?

Yes Emond. We should start with our children to change things.

This is because children learn what they see.

It is the manner of how the values of one generation is transferred to another.

When this happens consistently, culture is the name of the practice that is handed over.

A society can lose or change its culture if a given practice is not handed over to the younger generation or if another practice is adopted.

In the case of the Lavantille community, there is an exchange of culture related to crime that is perpetuated in the presence of poverty. White colour crime can contribute to the perpetuation of this poverty by causing the youths to focus on attractions that distracts from their education, or by causing a lack of resources, and role models that would improve the lives and aspirations of the young.


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