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Free food, free accommodation, free sex too!!! life behind bars is good! what's the point in being a law abiding citizen????

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In the words of Anil Roberts............waaaaaaaah! Volley sayin tat we should reward prisoners for good behaviour ok! tell me someting.... why should bad behaviour be rewarded? to me we reward plenty of dem by not puttin the hangman's noose around their necks!

Yes! Gigi, i am so glad u brought up this controversial topic. Girl, hear this nah, i was so mad, i mean burning, passionately with madness when i heard about this crap, conjugal visit my A@##. Just now they will put jaquzzis in prison for prisoners to relax after a long day at work. This is total madness, having u madam or mister service you so u could have a good nite sleep, HELL NO!!!!!! too much priviledge. Then i want to go to jail

Tis is wat I mean!!! best I go and kidnap somebody yard fowl and go in jail...cuz life in dey real good! Nookie for bad behaviour....tis takes away the punitive nature of the being in jail. If I gettin free food, free clothes, free meals and free servicing...tat's not jail, tats a vacation at Hilton! much as this is a very controversial issue and rightly so...lets go even further.....the prison system already appears to lack appropriate systems and controls to manage routine visits and daily prison life.....what makes them think that they can adequately manage/monitor a conjugal visit system?.....Come on??!!! We done have some Prison Officers condoning illicit and illegal activity within the prisons (by providing prisoners with cellphones/cards, drugs, alcohol etc.) What is going to happen when these same Officers have to "supervise" this aspect of prison life??!! I can see all kinds of people all of a sudden having ah husband or madam (legal and or "horner") so they could get ah visit.  Not so??!! 


So true Gail!...... What happen if de prisoner is a Muslim with ten wives and four concubines? How dey working tat one out? All of dem getting serviced de same day… a one visit fits all??? Danm fools in government…lol

The term “conjugal visits” has an old-fashioned ring to it, evoking images of prisoners' wives sneaking into the big house while the guards turn a blind eye. But conjugal visits actually do take place worldwide as a means to preserve family relationships during the period of incarceration…proper planning has to take place…don’t forget that we are aiming to come a first world country….

Hold on, hold, hold on!...... wat you sayin? just because we start implementing conjugal visits tat mean we are in someway takin a step forward...ha ha ha, come on anna!  If the rest of the first world countries start allowin their citizens to walk de road naked, should we jump and follow suit?

I will repeat conjugal visits takes away the punitive nature of being in jail. To paraphase our AG..."jail ent made to ripe fig". No Nookie!!!

Beside from the stories I've been hearing, dem prisoners does have plenty conjugal visits between themselves already.

I agree that those who commit the crime must do the time.

However what about the spouses who did not commit any crime; must they suffer the same deprivations as the prisoner?

Since most of the 'criminals' are men, then most of those who are suffering sexual deprivation 'at home' are women.

Remember she was not convicted of any criminal act deserving any loss of such highly prized services normally enjoyed/provided/contracted, on an exclusive basis, by her favoured service provider!

How are these women's 'needs' to be satisfied?

Since all of the dissenting commentators are women, please advise on how you will manage your 'sisters' needs for conjugal services.



I, (and surely many of you), am very well aware that there exists many very able and extremey willing surrogate service providers; however this approach will surely embolden Bratt, the natural enemy of the KREW.

Bratt will harass our lives with even more terrible crimes that will be classified as crimes of passion.

Therefore conjugal surrogacy is not recommended since this approach is not in harmony with the KREW's Philosophies of Life.


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