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At 8:16 on April 17, 2013, stacy said…

Hello Dear, I will like to get acquainted with You, I have something Special to share with You, Contact me via email

Miss Stacy

At 9:19 on November 8, 2012, Jessica Vincent said…

Thanks for the warm welcome Georgette! :)

One can always count on the warmth radiated by the members of the 5' o clock Krew!


At 12:56 on September 15, 2012, Dan Pi said…

thanks a lot. I will think of some suggestions and send it to you.


Krew Love

At 13:13 on July 25, 2012, Emond Berkeley said…

Hi Georgette  Thanks for the invitation to attend the fifteen years celebration of bringing hope to the people of Trinidad & Tobago.I feel honoured to have been invited also having been part of the Crew who may have contributed to some of our achievements I say congratulations to all. It hurts me  having to declline this invitation on this occasion I am  schedule to be out of the country at that time. Good luck to all and god blessings  love Emond.

At 12:08 on June 25, 2012, Emond Berkeley said…

Hi Georgette,Allow me the opportunity to join this discussion on the topic "ALCOHLISM"this topic is in my view an open excuse for people who abuse the use of alcoholic beverages they are famously called "alcoholics" this problem began many years ago recorded in the Bible and other books its history is there for all to read.Some may argue whenever "wine" was used by Jesus it was called grape juice an only when it caused drunkenness was it "wine" my research has shown me where this reasoning appears to be incorrect no Hebrew nor Biblical Greek word for wine can be translated or interpreted as referring to grape juice.Many of us today used alcohol for many reasons most times just for pleasure we are encourage by the producers of various alcoholic products with their "GALA" marketing  and are never concern about health and the effect it has on family life. Abuse of alcohol damages almost every organ in the body including the BRAIN . In Trinidad we celebrate everything with a party  even DEATH  where  alcohol must be the main beverage served as some  will say we have a carnival mentality where drunkenness prevails most times.Our road fatalities are caused mainly by the abuse of alcohol,family life is also destroyed on a daily basis.Because of the history of this product and the perceive approval of its use by Jesus only educating our children from young on the dangers of its use and setting a good example by the way we as adults use this product can we achieve results that we can live with LAWS alone cannot help.. Love Emond.

At 12:27pm on June 14, 2012, Trini Boy gave Georgette a gift
At 22:34 on May 22, 2012, Cosmic Oracle said…

Thank you for your very kind words Emond.

Thank you for participating on the radio programme; I encourage you to continue your contributions both on the radio and on this 5 KREW Platform.

I really do appreciate your words of support, they encourage me to make my contributions to help people.

My apologies for the mispelling of your name.


KREW Love to you!

At 17:36 on May 22, 2012, Emond Berkeley said…

Cosmic Oracle Thanks for your comments. I listen to your radio program you are doing a very good job at representing the CREW and  I even participated on one occasion keep up your good works.Please my name is spelt EMOND and not EDMOND. Love you.

At 13:02 on May 22, 2012, Cosmic Oracle said…

Hi Edmond, I missed you!


Welcome back!

Your contribution to the smoking dialogue is very apt.

Smoking is one of the most difficult habits to rid onself of.

Now life is about your relationship with things and people.

Smoking is a very toxic relationship that one develops with a 'thing'.

The funny thing about this product is that it is about the only product that if used as directed, will kill you!


KREW Love to you, Edmond!

At 10:06 on May 22, 2012, Emond Berkeley said…

  Hi Georgette I am sorry not responding to your request sooner I have been  busy with some family matters.Anyhow SMOKEING this is one of the most difficult addiction to get out of your system.People have offered many products to assist but many have failed trying them only to the benefit of the manufacturer who will always make the gains from the sale of these products it may also leave the user of these products with some serious side effects. My opinion on this matter is to develop a strong mind and resist the urge whenever it comes to mine tell yourself you are not going to smoke,and move on to some other thought I am sure this will help now remember you have to go on living your life as usual keep doing the things  you always do , if you socialize often you should continue only when the urge comes on you use the power of your MINE to resist this is what I have to offer to my fellow CREW members I know because it work for me some years ago. Love Emond.

At 9:47 on May 4, 2012, Joanne John said…

"It must have been love but its over now". Georgette, by now u should realize the games these people are playing. "Crossing the floor", from one party to the next, thats what u call politics. At the end of the day, it was never love, it was over before it even begun. Dont be fooled by these politicians and the psychological and mental pressures they have been forcing upon the people of our nation. Shame on all politicians.

At 9:31 on January 10, 2012, Sharon Rosa Thomas said…

Hi Gigi ah join d group, How you going honey??????????????

At 14:46 on October 12, 2011, Cosmic Oracle said…
Great to see you have joined the KREW!

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