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Have you ever stop and asked yourself "How much do I Know about Living a Wellness Lifestlye in Trinidad and Tobago". What do you other members think?

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I think that most people know very little; and only what is marketed to them by vested commercial interests.


This means that they are fed mostly marketing propaganda. The result is that they either do not know anything useful or they know practices that can be dangerous to their health and Wellness.


Ultimately it will cost them money in useless products or for servicing illnesses.


There is a great need for a trusted entity to provide the correct information and in a structured manner.


Most of all, there is need for those individuals and families who practise a Wellness Lifestyle to find a space for them to congregate and communicate amongst themselves to ensure that each benefit appropriately.


The KREW Community has taken up that challenge.


By the way, why have you thought it necessary to ask that question? It is a very good question.

Well a guess by de non response allyuh on here not really where wellness is concern. All ah seeing is Fifa and Uncle Jack.

Like that is allyuh plan to ah wat. To turn ppl away from the true purpose here. Jus like de People's Partnership always throwing a curve ball to distract.


Come on Oracle Lets talk about Wellness in a meaning full way

 Hi Forever Young; I take note of your remark "Come on Oracle Lets talk about Wellness in a meaning full way"

I beg to suggest that all my comments in this forum reflects matters of Wellness, you may not like (or understand) the communication style but as you will see, the style and content reflect upon matters of Wellness, and does so in a very meaningful way.

Also, your remark does not acknowledge the fact that I have actually engaged your topic with a meaningful response.

It is unfortunate that you did not respond to my comment on your topic, and instead seems to suggest that nobody is taking any interest in anything other than the discussion on Jack as is occurring in the War Room.

In fact, I was waiting on your response so that we can develop your conversation.

During my wait I was very concerned that you had visited the forum and made only one contribution, never to be seen again.

It is nice that you are interested in participating in intellectuall conversations that are of a different sort than contained in the War Room. However please do not discredit the conversation that is being conducted in the War Room.

On the surface it seems to be inappropriate, however you are witnessing Wellness Content. You are witnessing the ability to communicate effectively; to contextualize issues; to use humour and even use dialect to manage conflict.

I am sure you will agree that the ability to communicate effectively and manage conflict are two important skills required to live a Wellness Lifestyle... or do you disagree with this point?

If you do not disagree with the point, then in the context of the question that you asked in your topic "How much do I Know about Living a Wellness Lifestlye in Trinidad and Tobago", please be advised that the communication style and content that you seem to criticise in the War Room indirectly responds to your very question!

Therefore it is quite unfortunate that more people in Trinidad did not know enough about Wellness to recognize this fact that the contents currently being displayed in the War Room is actually loaded with Wellness Lifestyle management value.

It is also unfortunate that more people do no appreciate the power of our local dialect to communicate Wellness effectively.

By the way, at this time we are merely testing the forum before we go 'public'. Therefore what you are witnessing is the contributions of those who are still getting to know how to use this tool.

Please forgive us for our shortcomings.

We thank you for your contributions, and I look forward to engaging you on your topic.

Well laudy lok Oracle ha coco in de sun so he always looking for de rain to fall. Instead of using de rain for growth and nourishment.

 FYA i know what war rooms are for  and its why i place my response on the topic dey.  As for my topic sell yuh ware Oracleman ah waiting on yuh.  Buh why the thesis response. Geeze man,  yuh go get bald like Uncle Jack den GG go be on yuh case also.


Forever Young it is unfortunate that you are using this forum to propagate content and practise behaviour that are best suited for the War Room.

One would have thought that, based on your previous objections, you would prefer to engage with me on the matter at hand as represented by the very pertinent topic that you raised.

Anyway, if you want to carry this discussion in the War Room, please be my guest!... Just let me know! It's your choice! Just remember though, that if ever you see me and a lion fighting, feel sorry for the lion!

Anyway, it will be wise to remember that this forum is not for flame-outs!

Peace be with you!

In the mean time let's get back to the more serious discussion that you have identified as your topic of interest.

In that context you have come to the right place to discuss, understand and get answers to your question.

Living a Wellness Lifestyle in T&T is somewhat of a lonely experience at this point in time. There is little opportunity for one to socialize with other like-minded individuals. No support systems!

The KREW is alone in its efforts to bring improvement to this sad state of affairs. It is a movement of like-minded persons, like you who want to make this world into A Better Place To Live.

In the KREW you can socialize in this online forum, or participate in an offline community within your area, be it at home or at work. (Let me know when you want to start a KREW in your area.)

The idea is to provide a support system to help you to beat the Start & Stop Syndrome (3S); that deadly silent killer of good intentions and of lovely people like your good self.

Fortunately, you will be happy to know that as you are a Guest Member of the KREW, you will not succumb to become a victim of 3S! What do you think about that?

Folks, there is a better way to live, one where you can have it all; Success, Health, Wealth and Happiness. You as an individual can be fit, healthy and enjoy a happy life. Firstly, you must assume 100% responsibility for your results, help others, and they will help you in return. To get what you want you must identify your desired need, develop a vision and formulate a plan, which when implemented nurtures new and positive habits that becomes your lifestyle. Over time your new habits become natural. It now becomes your culture! This is called your Wellness Lifestyle! It’s Fun! Living a better life requires a personal commitment.  


A Few Helpful Tips to “A Better Way to Live”:


Assume 100% responsibility – Accept no excuse for failure; only results matter!

Help others – This way you leverage yourself, as others will help you in return.


Great observation Lauren!

It will help greatly if you have a longview of what you want to achieve in your future.

This way your efforts at leveraging your influence will have direction, focus and will produce the rich results you seek.

I wonder what Georgette and Carlene think about this topic?

I will love to hear their views.

The comlplete wellness included physically, mentally, socially and spiritually well.

Yes Dr Agrawal, you are very correct!

It is because we want our members to enjoy complete Wellness that within the KREW we promote the four Wellness Activities.

The four Wellness Activities are:

1) Love (your benevolent relationship with Things & People),

2) Physical Activity,

3) Weight Management and

4) Diet Management.

As a group they comprise one of the Philosophies of Life that represents the basis for practising a successful Wellness Lifestyle where you can be fit, healthy and happy; and enjoy Prosperity.

Of the four, Love is the most potent! Among other characteristics, Love accommodates for the mental, social and spiritual attributes that you have suggested.

You may want to click on this link to get to the page that explains these four in more detail.

When you get to the page scroll down the list to item D) Let Only Results-Oriented Wellness Activities Become Your Wellness Lifestyle


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