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How does it feel for T&T to win Gold after so many years?

It feels as though heaven has shone its light upon us for the world to see our greatness.

We are a small nation, that is T&T, and we have beaten the world of 7 billion!

Keshorn Walcott's winning Gold in Javelin makes him the best one in 7 billion!

He is ah trini tuh de bone!

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I am so happy right now. Yes, Trinidad has done it again, even though it is 36yrs later. What's even more amazing is that Trinidad and Tobago has been paying particular attention to the athletes of track and field and here comes this simple toco boy who alot of us never heard of he has placed us on the world map again. Kudos to keshorn Walcott.

Yes, floods has swept through the western part of our beautiful island and has caused lots of destructor, but our boys winning these Olympic medals has given us something to celebrate and bring bright smiles too ALL of Trinidad and Tobago(1 Gold, and 3 bronze). We say thank you guys we all celebrate you hard work.

The question is how many undiscovered stars do we have amongst us...  

It feels great !!  we are indeed on top of the world. This team that  represented our twin island state made us proud.The gold medal was the crowning joy of the efforts and  " TRUE GRIT" of a  nineteen years old Trinbagoain who conquered the world not  forgetting the other members of the team  who also contributed to the achievements of this small nation at the London Qlympics.We can now celebrate with pride and joy.Yes I agree we have beaten the world of 7 billion  we needed this  at this time in our country as we are about to celebrate  50years of independence may God Bless our nation.. Love Emond.

Yes Trinis, we are happy for this achievement. I can see from these comments the support will begin for real. When our athletes are performing in Southern Games, National Championships, Hampton International Games and other local athletics, cycling, cricket, football, hockey etc. ALLYUH COMING OUT EH! I hope this joy is not temporary.


I have always supported !! Especially our footballers,  travelling to many countries  for their away games for world cup qualification so you should know how I feel when we loose eh !!.  Love Emond.

Emond and Be, you guys are true patriots.

Unfortunately, most Trinbagonians do not truely understand the meaning of that word!

Most behave as though they are "Trini Light"!

That is the spcecifications of the watered down flavour of the on again off again Trini

It is the symptoms of Trini Start & Stop Syndrome (3S); a chronic ailment of the mind with which KREW members have become very familiar :)


Krew Love!

Sir you could not have said it better lets hope it can change with  this CREW.good luck.  Emond.

Yes Emond! The KREW is designed to change all of that.

The KREW is about making the world into a better place to live!

It will take some time but we have already begun.

We are currently implementing the administrative infrastructure within the membership.

Soon afterwards we will be focusing on delivery of the appropriate philosophies against which to live.

Then we will implement the philosophies as a way of life among the members.

Slowly we shall change the world.

T&T has much to offer the world.

Via the KREW we will be adding to the contributions of many before us, none the least are Mr Walcott and Mr Crawford.

If you want more information about what I am talking about you can click on the links within this response to access the plans.


Krew Love!

I am overwhelm  by the various activities and plans of your administration for makiing this world a better place.These plans can surely work with the co-operation of all includeing government, hopefully they will  buy into the plans for it will take  great efforts to have them implemented.We live in a country where people have to be spoon fed into  any new idea that can change their lifestyle whether good or bad hopefully the CREW can change this.  Emond.

Emond I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to follow the links that I provided you to better understand the future of the KREW.

As we build this organization we will be able to achieve things that would have been though impossible before!

I have the greatest confidence in our people and our ability to impact on the world.

With a with a little vision, with a little leadership, with a little commitment to purpose, with a little more of what it takes, we shall conquor all our limitations and achieve the greatness on the world stage that we are and continue to be.

Being a member of the KREW you are currently part of and withness to this transformation.


Krew Love!


Our last Olympic Gold was a generation ago.

What do you feel that the authorities need to do so that we will get our third goal in less than a generation from now?


Krew Love!

What a great question !!  In my opinion it is very difficult to predict what  the authorities will do even with the best advice but I will give mine anyway. They must look at the `inferstructure that is provided and the support staff at all schools,clubs,ect. ensuring they are well certify coaches in their various Disciplines.Once this in in place it will provide a very good basis to select canidates that have the potential to succeed in their various disciplines at the higher level and additional financial assistance should be offered when this is done we are surely going to achieve more gold medals in less than a generation from now especially with our present crop of athletes. Love Emond.


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