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Some people do not assess the good in their lives, and gives too much credence to the negative. If they would only assess both, they will realize that Trinidad & Tobago is a blessed nation. I love T&T and I love our people. I will not give this up for the world!


There are many reasons to be proud to be Trini. I will refer to some of them; but don't you dare think for a moment that I have exhausted the list!


I am proud to be Trini because we are the most free country in the world. We are more free than some countries that boast of their 'freedom'!


We do not have civil strife based on race, religion or colour of skin. Every person born in this country can aspire to be the best that they want to be; whether it is in employment, business, politics or professions.


Our women are well respected; they are treated equally and they are not restricted in anyway in pursuing their aspirations.


We love our children, and as a nation we collectively ensure to take care of their needs. As for example even before birth we provide children with free health care and for life. We even provide children with free education, even up to tertiary level; a most potent gift!


Most of all we have a love for life!


This is seen by the way our law enforcement are very restrained about killing citizens, our courts are very professional, meticulous and careful about taking away the life and or freedom of our citizens.


Our love for life also manifest in the fact that we are a fun loving family, loving community. We have an abundance of public holidays, many respecting various religions and traditions of our people. During these times we celebrate together, ensuring to include the children in the celebrations.


As a country we are positioned in the best of climates, and enjoy a great economy, with an eclectic arrangement of the best people the world has ever seen!


We are well respected internationally, and  especially in many auspicious fora; including but not limited to culture, entertainment, sports, finance, law, energy and diplomacy.


Whenever I see another person, in my heart I quietly say 'I love you!'


However, whenever I see another Trini, in my heart I know that we love each other!


I am convinced that by being born a Trini, I won the lottery called 'the good life!'


Being Trini is a gift that keeps on giving!


Samuel S. C. Bernard

Plan Administrator

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Hi fellow crew members this is one if not the best independence message I have gotten in many years.Thank you my spirit has been lifted because of the many killings in our country and all the negative things said by our leaders they can learn something from your words of wisdom thanks again have a happy independence all god bless. Emond.

Thank you Emond!

It has been some time that you have not been on this platform.

Welcome back!

I love you, my fellow Trini!


Krew Love!

Yes Sir I have had some ups and downs including the death of my brother in law.We were pretty close as a family sudden death takes time to heal with our faith in god it will come in time. Hope to be able to continue our discussion in the future god bless. Emond.

Dear Emond;

I am so sorry to hear of your unfortunate situation.

I am sure that you will recover your loss, you have the attributes to be resilient.

By the way, boy did I miss you over the past several weeks... which felt like years!

Welcome back my wise brother!

Thanks for your kind sentiments. Alot has been happening in our beloved country much of which is negative your independence message was so comforting an timely I just love it.!! I am surprise that more members of our krew did not comment on its contents.Still time!


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