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Your Philosophies Of Life


The Universal Philosophy Of Life is:

Your Relationship with Things & People Matters!


The Universal Philosophy of Life captures a complete understanding of your relationship with the world, the cosmos. You can build upon this basic understanding, to live a better life, and to make this world into a better place to live.

Derived from the Universal Philosophy of Life, are four Immutable Philosophies of Life.


The four Immutable Philosophies Of Life You Practise as a Member of the KREW:-

A) Be Aware And Be Action Oriented!

B) Result Is All That Matters!

C) You Are 100% Responsible For Your Results!

D) Let Only Results-Oriented Wellness Activities Become Your Wellness Lifestyle!


Did You Know?

In the rich history of human civilization every community has been guided by a common set of philosophies that are used to provide its members with the benefits they seek.

All communities are uniquely identified by their peculiar mix of philosophies that manifest as their attitudes, beliefs, symbols, institutions, traditions, rituals, ceremonies and practices. Ultimately these characteristics define their Lifestyles!

In other words, it is their relationships with Things & People that determine their results; their success and failures!

The KREW is no different. Here, each member seeks A Better Way To Live!

As a member of the KREW, you seek your favourite combination and level of intensity among the following elixir of life: Success, Health, Wealth & Happiness. Your mix defines your flavour of your Wellness Lifestyle!

Now, at minimum you want to be Fit, Healthy & Happy!

In short, you want to Prosper!... Not Suffer!

However to prosper consistently, you need to live what the KREW Community call a Wellness Lifestyle. This is because every KREW member understands that a Wellness Lifestyle is really a way of living your life so that you will get ton-loads of Favourable Experiences, consistently!

After all, isn't a ton-load of Favourable Experiences what you, and everybody else, really want out of life!

Yes! "Favourable Experiences" is the utmost desire consistently sought by all Things & People!

This fact is so simple to understand, yet nobody talks about it!

Virtually nobody has developed a system that sharply focuses upon this understanding or to provide you with the long-term coaching you need for you to successfully harmonize your life with it. Wow!

Yes, my fellow KREW members, it is the pursuit of Favourable Experiences that leads many to exhilarating success or catastrophic destruction! While the desired outcome may be the same, the Results depend on the methods.

To achieve consistent Favourable Experiences for yourself, long-term, you need to apply proven methods that are based on the reliable and immutable Philosophies Of Life that defines the KREW; and you as a successful KREW member.

Therefore to achieve the Results that are your Favourable Experiences that consistently exceed your expectations, you need to actively apply the unchanging and extremely effective Philosophies Of Life of the KREW.

In short you need "A Better Way To Live!"



The following descriptions shall introduce you to the Philosophies of Life and "A Better Way To Live!" 

A) Be Aware and Be Action Oriented!

1) Awareness: Awareness is Knowledge about:

    i) Your Environment (i.e Things & People) and

    ii) Your Relationship with your Environment.

2) Decisions: Decisions are the choices you make and act upon, among available Options.

3) Action: Action is the execution of your Decisions to create your desired reality that becomes your future.


Did You Know?

a) Knowledge is also known as Intellectual Capital. If you are Intellectually Curious you will actively seek out Knowledge. When you use Knowledge to help others, it is called Wisdom.

b) The Universe is Your Environment. Your universe is that part of the Universe with which you interact. Your Relationship with your universe is you Circumstance.

c) To organize and to use Knowledge you need Thought. To manage Thought you use Language which reflects your ability to learn, create and to use Vocabulary.

d) Vocabulary is really symbols that you use to label distinct characteristics about Things & People that you discover to exist within your universe. Vocabulary equips you to analyze your universe to understand its characteristics (i.e. the relationships among Things & People) and to create Action Plans that produce the Results that are realized in the future that you identify as Your Life.

e) Your decision-making Options are always limited by your Knowledge.

f) Your Circumstance at any point in your life is the sum total of all Decisions that you have made. A discovery process involving Analytic Skills will help you to identify, clarify and classify your Options

g) Once you have decided upon your Options you must make Action Plans towards its realization and impart the needed action, infused with abundant faith, to bring your dream into reality. That reality becomes what you know as Your Life!

h) You need to use your Knowledge about your Circumstance and about the Universe to formulate Action Plans that will connect your present Circumstance to the desired Circumstance that you visualize for your future.

i) The quality of your Knowledge impacts upon the quality of your Action Plans; which in turn impact upon the quality of your Relationships with Things & People; which in turn impact upon the quality of your Results.

j) You are 100% Responsible for that Result!



B) Result Is All That Matters!

1) Activity: To get Results you need sustained and appropriate Activity. No Activity No Results!

2) Support: Support systems give your activity Sustainability. Nothing Supported, Nothing Sustained!

3) Measurement: Regular measurement controls the quality of your Result. Nothing Measured, Nothing Managed, Nothing Gained!


Did You Know?

a) Result is all that matter! Everything else is mere "process"! Process is all that you do that ends just short of Results! It is not what you do; it is How you do it!

b)  A Wellness Lifestyle is focused upon Long-term Results! A Wellness Lifestyle should not be treated as you would a crash course! A Wellness Lifestyle is the way you live your life; everyday! This means that it must be lived in as natural a manner as you would live your culture! To get the Results of a Wellness Lifestyle you must make Wellness become Your Culture!

c) Culture is about the long-term, is lived within a Community and when shared freely, is easily adopted by any newly indoctrinated willing and active participant. A vibrant Community is a society with warm relationships, social hierarchies, traditions, rituals, ceremonies and institutions that provide activities, support and standards to measure and recognize your efforts and your Results. Therefore to enjoy long-term Results, you must seek outidentify with, and actively participate within a Wellness Community. The KREW is your Results Focused Wellness Community.



C) You are 100% Responsible for your Results

1) 100% Responsibility: You recognize that you are 100% Responsible for your results; no excuse tolerated! This is how you qualify yourself to live the Wellness Activity called Love.

2) Be a BenefactorYou consistently create Favourable Experiences for Things & People; especially for free! This is how you live the Wellness Activity called Love! They will become anxious to give you access to their resources to serve your purpose. Some call this Influence, others call this Power. Whatever you call it, you have a responsibility to use it very wisely! To use Influence or Power wisely, means that you should always give back more than what you have received! Yes, never stop! Always keep on giving!

3) Leverage Yourself: Use your influence or Power upon Things & People to enjoy your Favourable Experiences. To consistently and create enjoy your share of Favourable Experiences, you must Leverage Yourself by: a) magnifying your presence by distributing your Influence widely, and b) by multiplying your abilities via the use of your Influence, c) by accessing and diligently using the resources of Things & People which appreciate you as their Benefactor. This is how you reap your bounteous harvest of Success, Health, Wealth & Happiness, from the Wellness Activity called Love!


Did You Know?

a) The concept of 100% Responsibility suggests that you will not whine about your misfortunes as you interact with your universe. You will not be content to tell the tale that you have failed because of this, or that, or the other; such whining is for the failure! 100% Responsibility means that you will say with confidence, "In spite of my misfortunes I shall prevail, I shall prosper!" When you use this affirmation, you will always transmute the anguish of misfortune into the elixir of peace of mind. When you learn to turn misfortune to your favour, you will no longer fear misfortune, but misfortune will fear you and stay clear! Therefore, with your victory over the fear of misfortune, your share of the world's misfortune will diminish! You are no longer a victim of circumstance. You command your destiny!

b) The greatest need that is most highly sought by all Things & People is to enjoy Favourable Experiences.

c) If you live as a Benefactor and provide Favourable Experiences to Things & People, immediately you will become worthy to access their resources to help yourself to have your own Favourable Experiences. This ability is called Leverage.

d) Leverage is your ability to wield Influence and Power among Things & People!

e) Therefore, if you want to wield Influence and Power, you should devote your life to bringing Favourable Experiences to Things & People.

f) In the KREW's folklore, your ability to wield your Influence over Things & People is called Power.

g) When you Leverage your Power among the networks possessed by Things & People, you will have in your hand, all the resources of the Universe. Thereafter, nothing becomes impossible!

h) Whenever you diligently and wisely apply Leverage, you can convert your well earned Power into abundant Success, Health, Wealth & Happiness!



D) Let Only Results-Oriented Wellness Activities Become Your Wellness Lifestyle

1) Love: This is your benevolent relationship with Things & People. You get SuccessHealth, Wealth & Happiness! You Prosper!

2) Physical Activity: You get Fitness & Health!

3) Weight Management: You get Health!

4) Diet Management: You get Fitness & Health!


Did You Know?

a) Love is the greatest of the four Wellness Activities! Once mastered, Love makes it easier for you to accomplish the other Wellness Activities.

b) The above listed Wellness Activities are not clouded in vagueness, mystery or mysticism! Each is very simple for you to understand and to implement. Their Results are very clear, achievable and even measurable! Also you do not need to be an expert to successfully implement any!

c) Together these Wellness Activities are the Basic Elements that comprise your complete Wellness Programme! Therefore any credible Wellness Concept or Wellness Practice in the Wellness Universe, that presents itself to you, should be able to survive scrutiny under one or more of these Wellness Activities.

d) Your flavour of your Wellness Lifestyle, and the quality of the Wellness Results you enjoy from your Wellness Lifestyle, is determined by the relative hierarchy of importance with which you rate any Wellness Activity against the others, as well as by the intensity with which you practise each of the four Wellness Activities. It's that simple!



You have learned about the Universal Philosophy of Life and how it can be used to be fit, healthy and happy; to give you abundant Success, Health, Wealth & Happiness!

Are you still confused? Do you know how to put the theory into practice?

Well that's easy! Just participate fully in the KREW.

It's like eating an apple; you get the nutrition without having to know anything about the underling science.

In other words, while the knowledge is good, it is the action that brings the results. Correct?

Then, be action oriented! That's all!

Commit yourself to participate fully in the KREW!

Will you?



A Gift For You

Be inspired with this treasure from Diana Ross.

You are among the most powerful of forces that exist within the Universe.


Your awareness of the Philosophies of Life will free you from bondage, from chronic failure and marginal success!

However your results depend upon the maturity of your Will and your Intellect. Chronological age does not matter!

The keys to a Farrari means different things to you, depending upon your state of maturity.

If you are a toddler, it is merely another trinket, yet another plaything to be curious about.

If you are a pre-teen, it is merely a mode of transport.

If you are a teenager, it makes you the talk of the town.

However if you are an adult, it is power! You can exert your influence upon things and people.

At what state of maturity are you with respect to the Philosophy of Life?

How will you use this gift that is the Philosophies of Life?

The answer shall be revealed not by your words, but by your actions!



Artiste: Diana Ross

Title: "I'm Coming Out"




Samuel Bernard

Plan Administrator

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Comment by Valerie Mollino on April 15, 2012 at 13:44

Thank You, my policy is if you see that something has to be done , do not wait on someone else to do it.  God showed you by Inspiration!!

Comment by Cosmic Oracle on April 15, 2012 at 13:00

Dear Valerie Mollano;

I feel proud or you. It is people like you that makes the world a better place to live.

You are an example of what a KREW member is supposed to be.

I shall communicate with you as you desire.

KREW Love to you, my friend!

Comment by Valerie Mollino on April 15, 2012 at 12:22

A 4x6 Booklet would be easily done. I am willing to support the cost of a start of 100 Booklets.  Find out and let me know By e-mail privately.

Comment by Cosmic Oracle on April 15, 2012 at 10:58

Thank you for your very useful comment Valarie Mollino.

Please advise on your ideas about the booklet and its funding.

The KREW is an action orientated Movement.

Therefore your wish can be done if it is viable.

We can have you lead a Mobilization Krew to get it done.

Nuff said.

Comment by Valerie Mollino on April 15, 2012 at 9:55

I see a Booklet format being much easier to absorb, as per georgette's point of presentation of the philosophies.  Many do not take the time to read online. Funding for the booklet, e-mail me.

Comment by Valerie Mollino on April 15, 2012 at 9:48

AWESOME Philosophy, very on Point and the Truth!

Comment by Cosmic Oracle on January 7, 2012 at 5:30

Thank you for your thoughts Georgette.

You have just revealed the difficulty in communicating complex matters. If I make too simple the message will be lost. If I make it too detailed the reader will overwhelm.

Which one am I guilty of?

This paradox might be the reason that documents and books written by the Great One is so misunderstood by so many educated and uneducated alike.

Therefore since I am not God, your answer to my question might be "None of the above!"

Comment by Georgette on January 6, 2012 at 9:32

Mr. Bernard you have some very good concepts. However, I think that you need to rescript certain parts of this because it becomes a bit difficult to follow your thougts. It reads like you are rambling on. There is no question in my mind regarding your vision, however I still think that you need to rescript this so that it can easily be absorded by John and Jane Public.

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