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Do You Know Who Are You?



Understanding Who Or What Are You

Have you ever wondered exactly who are you?

To answer this question, you must first find out what or who you are not!


Discover What Or Who You Are Not!

You are not your physical body! You are not anything physical!

You are really one of a kind of very potent force in the Universe. We would identify the nature of that force in a moment.

If you dismember all of your limbs, you would still remain, well, you!

Therefore you are certainly not your limbs; neither would you become any less you by the mere loss of all of your limbs. Similarly if each of your organs were eviscerated, you would be no less, you. Therefore, again, you are not your organs.

Now you may counter that if you lost your brain, you would not be you. However, if each part of your brain was extricated or died individually, you would still remain you. Therefore you are not your brain.

Of course your brain helps you to function and you would die if certain parts are rendered impotent. However this fact, in of itself, cannot mean that you were your brain. It merely means that your mortal body could not function with the loss of that part of your brain. This is no different from the fact that you would die if you lost your heart, blood or kidneys.

The point being raised is that you are not any of your physical manifestations!

Of course, you may doubt this statement and argue that you always recognize yourself when you look into the mirror. Unfortunately your eyes can fool you! This is an example of how your Intellect can grossly misinterpret what it is detecting; meaning what you are seeing.

For instance, if you got badly disfigured from a severe burn or from an injury in a severe accident, your features would change drastically to the point of you being unrecognizable by anyone who knew you; and even by yourself. However, you would still remain the you that you knew previous to the incident.

Similarly during your development from an infant to, say a geriatric, your features would be changing constantly. However, as every geriatric would tell you, even though their body changes in appearance and capability, as they advance in age, their minds remain the same. In other words their personal identity remains unchanged.


Your Intellect, Your Will And Your Mind

That geriatric’s reference to the ‘mind’ as a characteristic of identity is quite instructive. It helps you to identify what or who are you. Exactly what was the geriatric referring to when referring to mind?

We know that the Intellect gives you consciousness when it makes you become aware of your Will. We also know that there is a symbiotic and a synergistic relationship between your Will and your Intellect. Then what exactly is the nature of that interaction?

Since that action is a communication process, then it is really the exchange of information captured and processed by your Intellect when your Will interacts with the forces of the Universe. There is a two-way communication process that is channeled between your Will and your Intellect via what you commonly call your emotions.

Now since your Intellect produces your consciousness, then you may want to brand your Intellect as being the manifestation of your Conscious Mind. And since your Intellect informs your Will about the nature of the Universe, and your Will determines how you respond to the forces within the Universe, you may want to brand your Will as your Subconscious Mind.

At this point you have now discovered three elements that bring you closer to the nature of your non-physical identity. You have your Intellect, your Will and your Emotions. Or if you prefer, your Conscious Mind, your Subconscious Mind and your Emotions.


What Does Your Emotions Have To Do With It

Now, then what exactly are your emotions? Your emotions are like media. They are the substrates upon which messages are transmitted between your Intellect and your Will; or between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

This explains why the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with your subconscious mind, and that of others, is via strong emotional tones or expressions! Not empty emotionless words or actions.

It also explains why the best way to develop the personality that you desire is to act emotionally within the context of that desired personality.

In other words, if you want to be happy, act happily; if you want to be angry, act angrily; if you want to be authoritative, act authoritatively; if you want to be passionate, act passionately! Therefore the next time you get angry, don't blame others for your demeanor; just don't act angrily!

Now, what exactly is the nature of those messages? Well, those messages are thoughts!


What Are Thoughts And How Do You Think

The basic manifestations of thoughts are the questions: who, what, when, where, how and why.

We think primarily by asking questions. When we get the answers, we examine the answers for veracity by asking even more questions. The process can be frustrating and may seem never ending; it is!

You can know as much as you want to know, but you can never know everything!

This is why the intellectually lazy person never makes proper inquiry of their circumstance to determine the best response going forward. Instead of diligently making the inquiries to find a solution, they prefer to make mournful statements of complaint, being comforted to describe themselves as being merely a victim of their circumstance. They delight in blaming others for their circumstances!

When the answers to these questions are obtained, they are interpreted and evaluated first by your Intellect and then channeled for action, via your emotions, to your Will. Your Will then makes decisions to act based upon options that are evaluated by your Intellect, and the prevailing circumstance within its sphere of influence within the Universe.

Here you would find that the quality of your results depends upon the quality of your actions upon the Universe; but the quality of your actions depends upon the quality of the answers to the questions. Now, the quality of your answers depends on the quality of your questions; and the quality of your questions depends on the quality of your Intellect; and the quality of your Intellect depends on the quality of your Will, which in turn depends upon the quality of your Intellect. The prevailing circumstance also impacts upon the quality of the result.

The nature of the prevailing circumstance depends to a great extent upon the quality of your use of your Will and Intellect in the distant past. You can significantly increase your chances of success if, in the distant past, you had anticipated the future that you desire and contemplated upon the requirements to achieve your success. In so doing your actions that straddle your past and your current circumstances would have facilitated to produce for you the favourable results you currently seek.

In other words, if you used your Intellect to take a long-view and planned for the long-term, then applied your Will to act diligently towards its realization, when your current circumstance presents itself, it does so in a manner that is more favourable to your Will, and you harvest your desired results.


How Does Your Exposure To The Forces Of The Universe Improve Your Intellect And Your Will

The quality of both your Intellect and your Will depends, to a great extent, upon the quality and quantity of your exposure to the forces of the Universe, and your ability to project your circumstance into the future that you desire.

Generally the more harsh or challenging is your exposure to the Universe, the more opportunities you have for improving the virility of your Intellect and your Will. Since only the strong survives, this situation causes your survival skills to improve significantly; but only if you are tenacious, and you actively seek harmonious relationships with the forces of the Universe, and you are action oriented!

Anyway, deriving from this discovery process, what you now have before you, are the ingredients to help you to identify exactly who or what you are.

We have identified that we, as human beings, manifest as the non-physical entity that we call our mind. Structurally, your mind is comprised of three elements: your Intellect, your Will and your Emotions. Within your mind exist your thoughts; which traverse upon your emotions.


What Unique Characteristics Can Help Discover Who Or What Are You

To understand what or who you are, you must determine what is the unique characteristic between you and any other person, or being, in the Universe.

From the above analysis, it is clear to see that the only unique characteristic that separate you from everybody else and everything else in the Universe, are your thoughts.


You Are Your Thoughts!

Yes! You are your thoughts!

Your thoughts are the only single unique identifier that separates you from your peers or any other thing in the Universe. You are your thoughts!

It is your thoughts that direct your Will and which cause your peers to interpret you as good, bad or indifferent. Your thoughts manifest via your Will to impact upon the Will of your peers, to help produce their experiences which they evaluate as being favourable or unfavourabe.


You Have A Physical Body And A Non-physical Mind

Everyone has a physical body and a non-physical mind.

Their mind is comprised of their Will, their Intellect and their Emotions. However it is only their thoughts that are unique and different at any given point in time; and which make their mind different from their peers.

It is only your thoughts that are unique all the time, in aggregate, as per your unique life experiences with the various forces of the Universe and which experiences are packaged within your mind.

That package is recognized as your personality.


Your Personality

When you refer to your personality, you are really referring to the manifestation of your pattern of thoughts. These are influenced by the aggregate of your experiences and your pattern of thoughts as manifest through your Will. Of course your Will is what directs your actions which themselves impact upon the forces of the Universe.

The Will of others is merely one kind of these forces; the very same kind of force as your own. Therefore we are all, our thoughts!


You Are Your Thoughts And Your Thoughts Are You

Yes! In a nutshell, your thoughts are YOU!

And, YOU are your thoughts!

This One Is For The Ladies




A Gift For You

Here is a gem of a gift from Melba Moore.

She advises you to aggressively pursue and realise your full potential in life.

You should demand your place in this Universe!

Never let anything or anyone deter you from your goals!

Be focused! Be resilient!

If you fall and you are forced to cry, then cry, roll on the ground; until your tears run dry!

Then get-up! Dust your butt; and go at it again!

Never ever give up!

Take heed and Prosper!


Artiste: Melba Moore

Title: "The Other Side Of The Rainbow"




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